Oil Pulling Therapy



Have you heard of oil pulling??  The terminology in our opinion doesnt really do it justice because it makes it sound quite a bit harsher than it really is.  Oil pulling is rather a simple, quick, harmless yet wildly powerful therapy.  An ancient Ayurvedic ritual, oil pulling was introduced to the western world in 1992 by a doctor by the name of F. Karach.  His theory was that this therapy had claims of curing a variety of diseases and ailments.  Many of these in upcoming years with proven success.  
So many benefits are linked with this therapy.  The oil acts like a cleanser that actually “pulls” debris and toxins etc from the body.  It has a powerful detoxifying effect.  We all know that our mouths are a breading ground for billions of bacteria ( not always the good kind!!), viruses and toxins, ya we know how appetizing eh!!  Sorry but its the truth 🙂  But this is why oil pulling can bring such positive results, starting in the mouth to help kill and rid the body of these little bugs.  Oil pulling is said to help with dozens of issues, these include:
Chronic Infections
Dental Health
Heart Disease
Stiff Joints
Weight Loss
And more!!
Oil pulling is safe and easy, children can practice as well.  Just give them a little less oil than you would yourself.
It is ideal to Oil Pull up wakening on an empty stomach.  We love using coconut oil but you can experiment with  different, healthy good quality oils that are your preference.  
Take a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and simply swish around for 20 mins.  You can be getting ready in the morning, checking your email etc.  At first 20 minutes may be seem long, so dont be discouraged just do the best you can and build your way up.  Don’t swallow the oil, if you get the urge just spit it out and try again.  Your jaw may get slightly tired and sore and if so then just try a little less oil in your mouth.  No need to swish too vigorously, a nice relaxing approach makes it much easier.  Holding your head slightly forward may also help.
After the 20 minutes simply spit the oil out and rinse out your mouth ( warm water with salt is nice as it can sooth any inflammation that may have surfaced, but certainly not necessary at all).  You may also choose to brush your teeth afterwards.  Your mouth should feel nice and clean now 🙂 Doing this everyday is great but a few times a week can also be enough.  There really is no time frame.  Some people have noted seeing positive results in days while others took longer.  Either way you know it is doing something beneficial so why not grab a spoon a pull!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out this great book for more info and get in on this popular and easy healing therapy:  ( did we mention its on sale!) http://www.upayanaturals.com/Oil_Pulling_Therapy_Detoxifying_and_Healing_the_B_p/bk-801.htm

Have you tried oil pulling?  Do you think you may start?Image


Flax Seeds, Tiny and Mighty!!

Adding Flax seeds to ones diet can have amazing results. These tiny seeds are quite the mighty ones as they carry one of the biggest nutrient contents on the planet. Packed with fibre, antioxidants and the ever awesome omega 3 fatty acids these babies are a must!!
Omega 3 fatty acids are a major player in the fight against inflammation, and inflammation as we know plays a large part in many chronic diseases. Flax seed oil is a fabulous source of omega 3’s and it can be so easily enjoyed. Added to salad dressings, taken in smoothies, used in various raw cracker and bread recipes. So many tasty options to give your body the flax seed benefit!!
Not many foods are higher in fibre than flax seed, both soluble and insoluble. This fibre is great for lowering cholesterol, stabalizing blood sugar and helping balance our digestive systems ( always a plus!!)

Flax Seeds are also fabulous in providing great doses of phytochemicals. Antioxidants being one of them. Lignans being another and with this comes great benefits for women as these lignans convert in the intestines to substances that tend to help balance female hormones. Possibly promoting fertility and maybe even helping in the prevention of breast cancer. Some great reasons to add this baby seed to ones diet 🙂
Because of the high fibre content in these little seeds remember to start slowly with a smaller amount and ease into it to avoid any stomach upset from the fibre content. 
The other thing to keep an eye on with flax seed is that it is very prone to oxidation/rancidity if it is not stored properly. This is because it is a highly unsaturated oil. Flax seeds can be kept for longer than flax meals and oils and is ok kept out of the fridge but for the oils and flax meals its best to keep refrigerated. So with proper storage this amazing tiny seed really is a must. So many great ways to use it in a Raw/Vegan diet. 
We have an abundance of flax products in store, including already made crackers and snacks!! Yum! : http://www.upayanaturals.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=flax&Search.x=0&Search.y=0

What are your favourite ways to incorporate Flax into your diet? Do you have other ways that you like to get your omega 3’s as well?Image

A little Valentines Day Yumminess :)


We did a Valentines day geared blog last week, basically a shopping guide to find that perfect, healthy gift for the special people in your lives and this week we thought why not share a few tasty and healthy raw recipes that you can share with your loved ones this Valentines Day.  Great options sure to please!!  We sure enjoy them 🙂

Why not start the day with a smoothie, this is a great one for kids too!!
Raspberry Cacao Loveshake:

Half an avocado
1 Cup of frozen Raspberries
1 TBLS of Raw Cacao Powder
1 TBLS of Lucuma Powder
1/2 Cup Young Coconut Meat ( you can also use soaked and rinsed cashews or macadamia nuts, this adds a nice creamy texture)
A handful of goji berries

Blend all ingredients together and either simply enjoy like this or if you are serving it up for someone else why not dress it up a little and sprinkle some cacao nibs and goji berries on top, looks and tastes great!!  Who wouldn’t want to start the day off like this 🙂

A great snack option to send with the kids to school 
( or yourself of course!!) are yummy all fruit leathers.  We like to blend strawberries with mango until smooth and creamy and place on the teflex lined dehydrator trays and dehydrate for 8-12 hours.  In the spirit of love, we like to pull the trays out a few hours early and cut the fruit leather gently into heart shapes and continue dehydrating.  That way the kiddies have a reminder at school of how much they are loved!!  Also a super yummy snack to enjoy 🙂

Oh dessert!!  Can not forget this Valentines Day staple.  Chocolates, candy, cupcakes and sugary sweets galore are all over the place these days, they may very well taste good but we can be certain they are not good for us, but that should not stop us from enjoying yummy treats too right 🙂 

We started making these brownies to bring with us when we were going to our non raw vegan friends birthdays etc and we wanted to enjoy a yummy dessert too!!

Raw Cacao Brownies with Goji Jam

2 Cups of walnuts
2 Cups of almond pulp ( left from making nut milk)
1/3 Cup of cacao powder
A large handful of pitted dates
1/4 cup of agave or coconut nectar
1Tablespoon of Lucuma powder
2-3 teaspoons of vanilla powder ( we love vanilla so we add 3, but others dont like the taste as much 🙂 

Process the walnuts until crumbly and then add all other ingredients and process into a nice dough.
Place firmly into a 9×9 pan and place in fridge to cool. 

For the Goji Berry jam we soak half a cup of goji berries with a few figs and then we blend them with a  bit of lemon juice and coconut nectar.  Once the brownies are chilled, cut out a few squares add some jam and enjoy with a loved one 🙂 🙂









Do your non raw/vegan friends tend to enjoy the raw Valentines Day treats you make, have they turned out to be hits like these so far?  What are some of your favourites?  We’d love to know!!

We hope everyone has a great Day and feels the love!!!!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!


Well just like that its nearly the second week of February already, hope everyone is making the most of every single day 🙂
It’s not hard to go anywhere this time of year and not be reminded of the holiday approaching next week.  Stores are jammed packed with everything red and pink and of course the usual suspects, chocolate and candy!!  Yes it is fun to give and receive gifts but instead of handing your loved ones sugar filled, processed and unhealthy gifties this year shouldn’t we be thinking about options to keep each other healthy?
We have plenty of choices in store this time of year and all year long that can satisfy a sweet tooth but that are at the same time guilt free and nutritionally packed.  We thought we would share a few ideas with all of you and who knows maybe you will end up dropping a few hints to your loved ones and you will end up on the receiving end, or better yet why not brighten up someones day a go ahead and grab a few!!

First of all you can’t go wrong here, we are offering a great deal on a Sacred Hearts Chocolate bundle.  6 awesome bars for a great price.  The immuno Mushroom flavour is great, healthy, immune supportive and tasty!! http://www.upayanaturals.com/Chocolate_Lovers_Holiday_Bundle_Choose_6_of_your_p/val-b8.htm

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Why not give the gift that keeps on giving, an awesome Raw Chocolate lovers “uncook” book!!  Matthew Kenney and Meredith Baird are clever, creative and super talented.  This book is amazing :http://www.upayanaturals.com/Raw_Chocolate_by_Matthew_Kenney_and_Meredith_Bai_p/bk-0985.htm
Aromatherapy is great for mind and body.  How about a soothing massage or a detoxifying bath? We have just what you need :http://www.upayanaturals.com/Aromatherapy_s/57.htm
Phyto-Infusion is a fabulous product an Ormus Gold activated serum that takes Raw, Vegan skincare to the next level.  Great gift idea!! :http://www.upayanaturals.com/Phyto_Infusion_II_30ml_Ormus_Gold_Serum_p/ais-141.htm
We can’t forget the jewelry!!  We have some great Mineral Technology Pendants which can provide, strength, energy , balance and so much more while looking great too!! :http://www.upayanaturals.com/category_s/102.htm
What ever you choose to share this year whether it be chocolate, jewelry etc.  lets all remember the most important thing we give one another is LOVE!!!!!!!!
Happy Valentines Day!! 🙂 🙂