Hope that everyone has had a great January and that the year ahead is a good one for all 🙂
This week we have another super fabulous recipe to share with you, one that we serve up to friends and family often and gets rave reviews from the kiddies too!! Its always great to have a healthy dessert recipe that kids really enjoy, and we’ve got one here!

Yes it still may be cold outside but that does’nt mean we can’t enjoy a yummy bowl of Raw Ice Cream!!

Raw Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream:

1 Cup of raw cashews, soaked for about 4 hours and then rinsed of coursed
1 cup of pure water
1 cup of young coconut meat
1/2 cup of agave nectar or coconut nectar ( or sweetner of choice)
1 tablespoon of Lucuma powder
The seeds from inside 2 vanilla bean pods
A pinch of salt ( good quality of course!!)
We also use a tablespoon of tocotrienols for added nutritional content but this can be omitted as well if its not something you have around.

This very easy recipe just requires you to place all ingredients into your blender, blend up until smooth and then place in ice cream maker and follow those instructions. If you don’t have an ice cream maker you can still enjoy this too, it may not be quite as creamy but still very tasty!!
We often mix different fruits and berries into the blender as well to change the flavour and often top our bowls with raw cacao nibs 🙂
Our picture below shows cacao nibs and pomegranite atop our ice cream.

We have plenty of the ingredients you need in store to make this fabulous recipe happen!!
So there you have a great treat to enjoy on your own or to share if you dare!! Raw, Healthy and delicious!!What are some of your favourite raw treats that your non raw family or friends enjoy as well?Image


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