A lot of people ask how we stay so healthy during the cold and flu season ( no we are not super human and yes from time to time we too can be brought down from some sort of bug or another, though for the most part if caught early enough our down time is not much at all!).
A strong immune system is so important and we believe in keeping it that way all year long, that allows for faster healing times and it makes things easier to clear up if someone does happen to catch something. So all year long it just makes sense to make a few specific things a priority. Of course sleep sort of goes without saying, our bodies repair and rejuvenate themselves as we sleep so it is certainly a must to get a good quality sleep every night. Probiotics in many different forms are fabulous. Our digestive systems play such a roll in how strong our immune systems will be as well. Fermented foods offer a perfect source. We love raw sauerkraut, coconut kefir, kombucha etc. Mushrooms are another favourite. We love our chaga and reishi teas and tinctures so very much. Can’t miss a day of the good stuff!!!
Goji berries offer great immune boosting properties and are a perfect snack or addition to smoothies and teas. Astragalus root fits perfectly into our mushroom teas as well, an adaptogen and immune supporter that sure tops our list. Coconut products, like the flesh and water of a young thai coconut have great antibacterial and antimicrobial properties so they make there way into our recipes often as well. 
We spoke about garlic a few weeks back and at the onset of a cold downing a few chopped cloves proves to be a great decision 🙂
Our recent blog about Camu Camu shed some light on why this beautiful little berry is so popular.  Vitamin C is a powerful vitamin that aids in so many ways and immune support happens to be one of them.
Taking good care of oneself in all aspects for a perfect balance is oh so valuable. Sleep, exercise, meditation, positive relationships and of course diet and nutrition are all important factors that can determine our overall quality of life. No one wants to be sick every time a bug or virus is going around so it is important everyday to take the steps to insure our systems are ready to defend!!

Do you have any go to tricks or food sources that you rely on?


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