Stiff achy joints, trouble getting around and constant pain seem to be such a common complaint these days. Not that its anything new, but studies are actually saying that more and more younger people are complaining of these issues too. There was a time where it seemed to be more of an aging issue but now days it is showing to be an issue effecting many old and young alike. Pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs are some of the most popular prescribed, for just that reason. We of course would never suggest you need to go against your doctors wishes, and are not here to direct your attention away from what very well could be the best path for you as far as healing methods but we would love to as always share options with you that you may just love, like many 🙂
This brings us to the kitchen once again ( we are such fans of the powerful, nutritious and easy to find substances that are at our finger tips right in the kitchen). Let’s talk about the ever fabulous ginger!!  Ginger has amazing anti inflammatory properties, it can be taken orally for this purpose and is also lovely when placed in a bath of hot water, providing relief to sore muscles and joints. Ginger extract has been compared in studies to certain anti inflammatory drugs and has been met with amazing results. This also includes the fact that it does not carry the same often horrible side effects one can experience with certain drugs. 
Gingers abilities and powers most certainly do not stop here, yes it is popularly known for its anti inflammatory properties but boy does it ever contain an abundance!
These such qualities include and of course are not limited to its antibiotic and antifungal properties, it has a particular strength in treating respiratory and periodontal infections. Ginger has a great ability as well to ease digestive stresses. It can ease digestion discomfort and pain and is quite useful for those suffering from dyspepsia , a condition where the stomach contents are emptied at a very slow rate. Ginger helps prevent the toxic effects of a wide range of substances, including certain pesticides, and cancer drugs. Ginger has been long studied for its ability to ease nausea of all kinds. Motion sickness as well as morning sickness ( experienced by many pregnant woman) are two common issues that have seen remarkable improvements. As you can see the benefits from this little root are many. We have not even covered half. We love this little powerhouse and we find it rather enjoyable in so many ways. It’s nice in a cup of tea after dinner, and is often an ingredient in our freshly juiced juices. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Are you a fan of ginger? Do you cook/ uncook with it and reap the endless benefits as we do ? Hope so!!!


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