Have you heard of Camu Camu?  If you have then you are likely aware that it is ( as far as research shows to date) the highest Vitamin C source out there!!  It is a superfood that has been gaining loads of attention lately.  Superfoods provide high density nutrition and often protect from as well as reverse illness in many.  Camu Camu is a superfood, super fruit that fits this profile beautifully.  Coming to us from the rainforests of Peru the Camu Camu berry is a welcome treat that we are lucky to have access to.  Best known for its unusually high vitamin C content, this tiny berry helps protect and prevent free radical damage as well as helping prevent colds and flus and of course in general is a huge immune system booster.   Vitamin C is a power packed vitamin and Camu Camu sure knows how to get it to us 🙂

There is no other food on the planet that delivers this high a concentration.  When we think of oranges ( which are popularly known as a high vitamin C source) and compare them with Cama Camu the results are incredible.  Oranges on average  contain around 1000 ppm of vitamin C and the Camu Camu berry can have amounts as high as 50,000 ppm wowzers!!!  Thats a powerful little fruit!
Vitamin C is not only great for our immune system but also helps protect our nervous systems.  That includes a wide range of areas from our brains, our hearts, to our lungs and many many more.  By benefiting our nervous systems this can also help those who are suffering from depression, brain fog, and possibly even dementia.  Vision problems are another area that vitamin C can provide great assistance.
The Camu Camu berry has been showing evidence as well in its fascinating anti inflammatory effects.  When taken in a high density form ( camu camu berry for sure!)  you can get one of the best anti inflammatory medicines in the world.
This little berry means business.  We are so happy to be aware of its great properties and have it available to us.  After all if you are like many of us, we get sooooo excited over all these different superfood nutrition powerhouses, and this one sure stands out to us as a must have.
We like to use our powdered Camu Camu berry either mixed in freshly juiced juices or added to smoothies, or sprinkled a top of fresh fruit salad.  How do you enjoy it?Image

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