Wow its 2013 already!!

 We hope everyone has been enjoying an awesome holiday season thus far, and please accept our well wishes for a great year ahead.  The new year always brings great opportunities for bettering oneself.  With new years resolutions promising  better health and life style choices.   Making a commitment to ones health and happiness is always a wise choice and this resolution certainly never gets old.  It just happens to be the most popular resolution out there year after year.  Its never to late to make our health a priority.

That being said a lot of people give up early, decide not to pursue their initial choice as fear of not being able to succeed.  People had asked us for tips etc on how to stay on track and with that we decided to offer a somewhat different yet pretty cool way to go about a new years resolution this year.  Well actually in this case its new years resolutions!!!!!  But fear not, we are not hear to pile on difficult tasks 🙂
What we have found useful in the past, and rather fun at times is to make a different resolution for every month of the year.  You don’t need to come up with all 12 at once but have the first few in mind and as you go others will pop up.  The idea behind this is that 30 days seem slightly less overwhelming than 365 when choosing to change ones habits etc.  We have a few examples of some great ideas that may or may not end up on your list.  January- drink 8 glasses of water everyday : So for the month of January you would change nothing else in your life ( unless of course you’d like too!!) but you would simply be adding 8 glasses of water to your daily routine.  February- Eat at least one salad a day all month long: So again for everyday in February you would eat one salad ( or more!) a day.  Lots of us are already doing so but these are just sample ideas.  Choose things that you are not already doing but that you know will help get you on track etc.  Things like sleep, exercise, meditation, diet choices etc. are all great ideas.  Just remember how important YOU  are and that making your health a priority can have phenomenal effects on every aspect of your life.  Today is another day, don’t put it off until tomorrow because your only guarantee is right now 🙂
We wish you all the very best and please don’t hesitate to ask questions or look for support, we are happy to help if we can!!!!
Cheers and Happy New Year!!

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