Raw Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream!!

Hope that everyone has had a great January and that the year ahead is a good one for all ūüôā
This week we have another super fabulous recipe to share with you, one that we serve up to friends and family often and gets rave reviews from the kiddies too!! Its always great to have a healthy dessert recipe that kids really enjoy, and we’ve got one here!

Yes it still may be cold outside but that does’nt mean we can’t enjoy a yummy bowl of Raw Ice Cream!!

Raw Coconut Vanilla Ice Cream:

1 Cup of raw cashews, soaked for about 4 hours and then rinsed of coursed
1 cup of pure water
1 cup of young coconut meat
1/2 cup of agave nectar or coconut nectar ( or sweetner of choice)
1 tablespoon of Lucuma powder
The seeds from inside 2 vanilla bean pods
A pinch of salt ( good quality of course!!)
We also use a tablespoon of tocotrienols for added nutritional content but this can be omitted as well if its not something you have around.

This very easy recipe just requires you to place all ingredients into your blender, blend up until smooth and then place in ice cream maker and follow those instructions. If you don’t have an ice cream maker you can still enjoy this too, it may not be quite as creamy but still very tasty!!
We often mix different fruits and berries into the blender as well to change the flavour and often top our bowls with raw cacao nibs ūüôā
Our picture below shows cacao nibs and pomegranite atop our ice cream.

We have plenty of the ingredients you need in store to make this fabulous recipe happen!!
So there you have a great treat to enjoy on your own or to share if you dare!! Raw, Healthy and delicious!!What are some of your favourite raw treats that your non raw family or friends enjoy as well?Image


Immune Support All Year Long :)


A lot of people ask how we stay so healthy during the cold and flu season ( no we are not super human and yes from time to time we too can be brought down from some sort of bug or another, though for the most part if caught early enough our down time is not much at all!).
A strong immune system is so important and we believe in keeping it that way all year long, that allows for faster healing times and it makes things easier to clear up if someone does happen to catch something. So all year long it just makes sense to make a few specific things a priority. Of course sleep sort of goes without saying, our bodies repair and rejuvenate themselves as we sleep so it is certainly a must to get a good quality sleep every night. Probiotics in many different forms are fabulous. Our digestive systems play such a roll in how strong our immune systems will be as well. Fermented foods offer a perfect source. We love raw sauerkraut, coconut kefir, kombucha etc. Mushrooms are another favourite. We love our chaga and reishi teas and tinctures so very much. Can’t miss a day of the good stuff!!!
Goji berries offer great immune boosting properties and are a perfect snack or addition to smoothies and teas. Astragalus root fits perfectly into our mushroom teas as well, an adaptogen and immune supporter that sure tops our list. Coconut products, like the flesh and water of a young thai coconut have great antibacterial and antimicrobial properties so they make there way into our recipes often as well. 
We spoke about garlic a few weeks back and at the onset of a cold downing a few chopped cloves proves to be a great decision ūüôā
Our recent blog about Camu Camu shed some light on why this beautiful little berry is so popular.  Vitamin C is a powerful vitamin that aids in so many ways and immune support happens to be one of them.
Taking good care of oneself in all aspects for a perfect balance is oh so valuable. Sleep, exercise, meditation, positive relationships and of course diet and nutrition are all important factors that can determine our overall quality of life. No one wants to be sick every time a bug or virus is going around so it is important everyday to take the steps to insure our systems are ready to defend!!

Do you have any go to tricks or food sources that you rely on?

The Healing Kitchen: Part 5


Stiff achy joints, trouble getting around and constant pain seem to be such a common complaint these days. Not that its anything new, but studies are actually saying that more and more younger people are complaining of these issues too. There was a time where it seemed to be more of an aging issue but now days it is showing to be an issue effecting many old and young alike. Pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs are some of the most popular prescribed, for just that reason. We of course would never suggest you need to go against your doctors wishes, and are not here to direct your attention away from what very well could be the best path for you as far as healing methods but we would love to as always share options with you that you may just love, like many ūüôā
This brings us to the kitchen once again ( we are such fans of the powerful, nutritious and easy to find substances that are at our finger tips right in the kitchen). Let’s talk about the ever fabulous ginger!! ¬†Ginger has amazing anti inflammatory properties, it can be taken orally for this purpose and is also lovely when placed in a bath of hot water, providing relief to sore muscles and joints. Ginger extract has been compared in studies to certain anti inflammatory drugs and has been met with amazing results. This also includes the fact that it does not carry the same often horrible side effects one can experience with certain drugs.¬†
Gingers abilities and powers most certainly do not stop here, yes it is popularly known for its anti inflammatory properties but boy does it ever contain an abundance!
These such qualities include and of course are not limited to its antibiotic and antifungal properties, it has a particular strength in treating respiratory and periodontal infections. Ginger has a great ability as well to ease digestive stresses. It can ease digestion discomfort and pain and is quite useful for those suffering from dyspepsia , a condition where the stomach contents are emptied at a very slow rate. Ginger helps prevent the toxic effects of a wide range of substances, including certain pesticides, and cancer drugs. Ginger has been long studied for its ability to ease nausea of all kinds. Motion sickness as well as morning sickness ( experienced by many pregnant woman) are two common issues that have seen remarkable improvements. As you can see the benefits from this little root are many. We have not even covered half. We love this little powerhouse and we find it rather enjoyable in so many ways. It’s nice in a cup of tea after dinner, and is often an ingredient in our freshly juiced juices. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Are you a fan of ginger? Do you cook/ uncook with it and reap the endless benefits as we do ? Hope so!!!


Camu Camu: The King of Vitamin C


Have you heard of Camu Camu? ¬†If you have then you are likely aware that it is ( as far as research shows to date) the highest Vitamin C source out there!! ¬†It is a superfood that has been gaining loads of attention lately. ¬†Superfoods provide high density nutrition and often protect from as well as reverse illness in many. ¬†Camu Camu is a superfood, super fruit that fits this profile beautifully. ¬†Coming to us from the rainforests of Peru the Camu Camu berry is a welcome treat that we are lucky to have access to. ¬†Best known for its unusually high vitamin C content, this tiny berry helps protect and prevent free radical damage as well as helping prevent colds and flus and of course in general is a huge immune system booster. ¬† Vitamin C is a power packed vitamin and Camu Camu sure knows how to get it to us ūüôā

There is no other food on the planet that delivers this high a concentration.  When we think of oranges ( which are popularly known as a high vitamin C source) and compare them with Cama Camu the results are incredible.  Oranges on average  contain around 1000 ppm of vitamin C and the Camu Camu berry can have amounts as high as 50,000 ppm wowzers!!!  Thats a powerful little fruit!
Vitamin C is not only great for our immune system but also helps protect our nervous systems.  That includes a wide range of areas from our brains, our hearts, to our lungs and many many more.  By benefiting our nervous systems this can also help those who are suffering from depression, brain fog, and possibly even dementia.  Vision problems are another area that vitamin C can provide great assistance.
The Camu Camu berry has been showing evidence as well in its fascinating anti inflammatory effects.  When taken in a high density form ( camu camu berry for sure!)  you can get one of the best anti inflammatory medicines in the world.
This little berry means business.  We are so happy to be aware of its great properties and have it available to us.  After all if you are like many of us, we get sooooo excited over all these different superfood nutrition powerhouses, and this one sure stands out to us as a must have.
We like to use our powdered Camu Camu berry either mixed in freshly juiced juices or added to smoothies, or sprinkled a top of fresh fruit salad.  How do you enjoy it?Image

Happy, Healthy 2013


Wow its 2013 already!!

 We hope everyone has been enjoying an awesome holiday season thus far, and please accept our well wishes for a great year ahead.  The new year always brings great opportunities for bettering oneself.  With new years resolutions promising  better health and life style choices.   Making a commitment to ones health and happiness is always a wise choice and this resolution certainly never gets old.  It just happens to be the most popular resolution out there year after year.  Its never to late to make our health a priority.

That being said a lot of people give up early, decide not to pursue their initial choice as fear of not being able to succeed. ¬†People had asked us for tips etc on how to stay on track and with that we decided to offer a somewhat different yet pretty cool way to go about a new years resolution this year. ¬†Well actually in this case its new years resolutions!!!!! ¬†But fear not, we are not hear to pile on difficult tasks ūüôā
What we have found useful in the past, and rather fun at times is to make a different resolution for every month of the year. ¬†You don’t need to come up with all 12 at once but have the first few in mind and as you go others will pop up. ¬†The idea behind this is that 30 days seem slightly less overwhelming than 365 when choosing to change ones habits etc. ¬†We have a few examples of some great ideas that may or may not end up on your list. ¬†January- drink 8 glasses of water everyday : So for the month of January you would change nothing else in your life ( unless of course you’d like too!!) but you would simply be adding 8 glasses of water to your daily routine. ¬†February- Eat at least one salad a day all month long: So again for everyday in February you would eat one salad ( or more!) a day. ¬†Lots of us are already doing so but these are just sample ideas. ¬†Choose things that you are not already doing but that you know will help get you on track etc. ¬†Things like sleep, exercise, meditation, diet choices etc. are all great ideas. ¬†Just remember how important YOU ¬†are and that making your health a priority can have phenomenal effects on every aspect of your life. ¬†Today is another day, don’t put it off until tomorrow because your only guarantee is right now ūüôā
We wish you all the very best and please don’t hesitate to ask questions or look for support, we are happy to help if we can!!!!
Cheers and Happy New Year!!