We hope you are all enjoying a fabulous holiday season with family, friends and great food!! ( perhaps raw too!!). In this cooler weather we thought we’d share one of our favourite fabulous warm bevies with you :).This one is a big hit with family members too, even those who may not eat exactly the way we do ( also a nice one for the kiddies after an afternoon of playing out in the snow)
Here is our recipe for a nice cup of Warm White Chocolate Cacao:
Start by making a batch of your favourite Nut Milk ( we like cashew for this recipe but any other type will work just fine as well). With this recipe we make 2 cups of this delightful warm drink.Blend 2 cups of your nut milk with 1 teaspoon of lucuma powder, 1 teaspoon of vanilla powder, 1 TBSP cacao butter, 1 teaspoon of either coconut nectar,agave nectar or a good quality maple syrup ( which is not raw but used widely in the raw community), 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, and a pinch of salt. Blend all these together and place in a double boiler away from direct heat on a low temperature ( also ok to add directly to a pot to warm up at a low temp.) Once your drink feels warm pour into your mugs and add our favourite little touch, shaved cacao butter and a pinch or two of nutmeg. mmmmmmmm what a yummy cuppa healthy warmth 🙂 If you are feeling extra healthy we suggest blending in a little mushroom powder ( chaga, reishi, or cordyceps all work fabulous) and a simple 1/2-1 teaspoon would give you an added immunity boost as well as a slightly nutty flavour. Delicious either way, so give it a try and sip in front of the fire with loved ones this holiday season.

Cheers and best wishes to all 🙂Image


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