Warm White Chocolate Cacao :)


We hope you are all enjoying a fabulous holiday season with family, friends and great food!! ( perhaps raw too!!). In this cooler weather we thought we’d share one of our favourite fabulous warm bevies with you :).This one is a big hit with family members too, even those who may not eat exactly the way we do ( also a nice one for the kiddies after an afternoon of playing out in the snow)
Here is our recipe for a nice cup of Warm White Chocolate Cacao:
Start by making a batch of your favourite Nut Milk ( we like cashew for this recipe but any other type will work just fine as well). With this recipe we make 2 cups of this delightful warm drink.Blend 2 cups of your nut milk with 1 teaspoon of lucuma powder, 1 teaspoon of vanilla powder, 1 TBSP cacao butter, 1 teaspoon of either coconut nectar,agave nectar or a good quality maple syrup ( which is not raw but used widely in the raw community), 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, and a pinch of salt. Blend all these together and place in a double boiler away from direct heat on a low temperature ( also ok to add directly to a pot to warm up at a low temp.) Once your drink feels warm pour into your mugs and add our favourite little touch, shaved cacao butter and a pinch or two of nutmeg. mmmmmmmm what a yummy cuppa healthy warmth 🙂 If you are feeling extra healthy we suggest blending in a little mushroom powder ( chaga, reishi, or cordyceps all work fabulous) and a simple 1/2-1 teaspoon would give you an added immunity boost as well as a slightly nutty flavour. Delicious either way, so give it a try and sip in front of the fire with loved ones this holiday season.

Cheers and best wishes to all 🙂Image


The Healing Kitchen : Part 4

The cold weather tends to brings more than just snow, wind and chilly days.  People are often plagued by colds and flues this time of year, some times over and over again keeping them from enjoying what this beautiful time of year has to offer.  Now its certainly not inevitable and really it does not have to be this way, as many many people find themselves going years without being brought down with nasty viruses etc.  So how do they do it?  Are some people just luckier than others?  Well yes that of course can be the case, in all aspects there are just some people who seem to have luck on their side.  However, we too have the power to help heal ourselves and stave off nasty bugs.

So on that note lets get into our ” Healing Kitchen: Part 4″!!!!!!
This week we talk about a remedy that costs pennies a day and is readily available and most likely in your kitchen right now.  This little powerhouse is full of nutritional super powers, please allow us to introduce Garlic!!
Garlic is a member of the allium genus, along side onion and leeks.  It has been used for centuries to treat common colds, chest infections and much more. Roman soldiers used to consume large quantities before going out on battle to keep there strength and health in line.  Garlic helps us fight infection by naturally increasing killer cels, lymphocytes and macrophages.  The healing compounds in garlic are so strong that raw garlic juice is used quite successfully in treating and disinfecting minor wounds.  Evidence has also been documented suggesting that people who consume large quantities of garlic at the onset of a cold will most certainly reduce the time it takes to heal.  The key is to consume it raw, yes it may sound rather harsh but a few cloves chopped up and swallowed ( and of course followed closely by a drink to wash it all down) isn’t really that difficult after all.  
You may want to refrain from running directly over to your significant other and planting a big kiss, but you needn’t stay away all day!!  Have a few pieces of parsley near by and maybe a mint sprig or two and chew on those every hour or so and chances are you will be just fine 🙂
Along with its infection fighting properties garlic is also rich in antioxidants, it is a great protector of the heart as well as it has cholesterol lowering properties.  Its wise to have garlic handy this season and always.  You can be like many and consume a few garlic cloves daily as a preventative measure, or simply have then readily on stand by at first onset of cold symptoms. Chop up 4-5 cloves, maybe in a few spoonfuls and then grab a glass of orange juice or our favourite of freshly juiced orange juice with camu camu berry powder mixed in for a powerful vitamin C punch that is also brilliant for our systems 🙂  More to come on Camu Camu in the coming weeks ( we love this stuff!!)
Well there you have it, Garlic sure tops our lists as a natural easy to obtain and consume super healer.  Hopefully you will find it beneficial too!!
Cheers and Seasons Greetings!!


Fabulous Gift Ideas for a Fabulous Holiday Season :)


The holiday season is upon us and we would like to share a few popular and inexpensive gift ideas for the health foodies in your life, be they a stocking stuffer, items to be added to gift baskets or maybe even ingredients that you will creatively  make into a delicious healthy treat to share with friends and family. We have what you are looking for and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  Here are 5 items all under 15$ that many of you love ( we know because they fly off the shelves), we also love these items and we are sure whomever receives them over the holidays will be smiling too!! 🙂

Who doesn’t LOVE raw cacao?  Its not only super tasty but the benefits make it guilt free and almost a must to be enjoyed daily.  These Raw Cacao Nibs are great because they can be added to many raw dessert recipes or simply snacked on straight out of the box.  Great for on the go, your child’s lunch box, or added to a trail mix for an extra energy   punch 🙂


With the cold weather more than settling in, if you are like the majority of people chapped dry lips just come with the territory. That’s why we love Hemp Balm Herbal Lip Therapy so much. It is one of the finest vegan lip balms on the planet. 🙂  The soft hemp oil soothes as well as fighting free radicals. It comes in 7 amazing flavours and is a great price compared to most vegan lip balms on the market. We love the vanilla, but at this price why not grab a few and stash them all over the place for a quick swipe of dry lip relief!! 


Life factorys Glass Water bottles are another hot item in store. They are BPA, PVC free and have a great silicone sleeve for a slip less grip.  It’s just as important to stay hydrated in the winter months as it is in the warmer seasons.  These water bottles are perfect for your eco conscience friends and family and the colours are great too!!


Our mouths are watering just writing this, one of the most fabulous pieces of “chocolate” you will ever lay your teeth into!!  Sacred Heart Chocolate has come up with a beauty!  The white Passion bar is a creamy ” white chocolate” delight, sure to please any and all!!  Really its hard to stop after one 🙂  This one of a kind vegan chocolate is divine.  


Skin brushing is one of the most powerful ways to cleanse the lymphatic system.  Just as important as brushing ones teeth, there are so many benefits to dry brushing.  It helps cleanse the body, improve circulation, removes dead skin cells and much more.  With the new year around the corner and the most popular resolution of course being to improve ones health there is surely to be someone on your list who would love to add dry brushing to their healthy routine.  Why not get them one of the most fabulous brushes out there, this brush has a removable head for easy hand held brushing as well as a long handle for those hard to reach spots too . 🙂  Try out the Natural Tampico Skin Brush.


The gift ideas do not stop here, we have a store full of amazing treats, home appliances, person care products, books etc.  Something for everyone.  Also if you spend over 100$ and use coupon code SAVE7 you will receive 7% off your purchase until Dec 25th.  

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays 🙂Image

Aloe Vera, A superfood Gift!!


A common household plant with beautiful thick leaves is becoming more than just a “plant” these days.  Of course its nothing new to consume the flesh inside this powerful plant but its just becoming more popular and its benefits are proving to be quite amazing.  Have you tried it?  We think you should.  The Aloe genus contains over two hundred species that grow across the desert and subtropical regions of Africa, America, Asia and Europe.   Aloe is a member of the lily family and is one of the most nutritious vegetables on the planet.

These benefits include the content of many vitamins including C, A, and E.  As well it is packed with minerals including calcium, zinc, magnesium and much more.  Antioxidants, fibre, enzymes and polysaccharides are also abundant.
The polysaccharides are particularly important because  they have an amazing lubricating effect on the joints, brain, nervous system and skin.  Another great thing that polysaccharides do for us is that they have immune-modulating effects.  This means they allow our immune systems to fight back against viral, fungal and bacterial infections.  A great defence with the cold winter season upon us 🙂
One of the most well known uses for Aloe Vera is that it helps create digestive wellness.  It can be useful for so many digestive complaints such as, colitis, ulcers, and irritable bowel syndrome.  Aloe can also help with nutrient absorption.  Aloe Vera is very hydrating making it so perfect in its liquid form for athletes and really anyone looking to stay hydrated who may not enjoy drinking water quite as much.  ( The hydrating effects are also great for our skin!!)
Inflammation has also seen some remarkable results, it has been shown to inhibit arthritis, edema and inflammation in general.  Aloe contains stimulating healing properties to speed up tissue damage healing.  So many amazing qualities this beautiful plant/vegetable carry, we are lucky to have it in our presence.
When purchasing aloe vera be sure to look for organic sources, you want leaves that are thick and free of white speckles.  Bottled aloe vera is great for drinking.  The flesh can be enjoyed both internally and externally.  A great topical lotion for burns, rashes and general moisturization, there are so many great uses for this plant.  Why not give it a try 🙂 🙂