Oh the cold weather is upon us!!  It was bound to happen, it does every year.  Some people who are committed to a raw diet maintain 100% through every season and then there are also others who in the colder winter months like to incorporate a few more cooked foods into the diet as a way of warming the body from the inside.  
Which ever side you tend to favour of course is what works best for you.  For a lot of us regardless of how we choose to eat in the colder months there is one thing many of us do love very much on a cold winters day.  That would be a wonderful cup of warm herbal tea.
Not only is the warming effect profound with relaxing properties but the benefits of the different varieties also fill our nutritional needs as well 🙂   We do have a few favourites but this week would like to tell you all why we love our mushroom tea so much 🙂                                                               
We are big fans of the endless benefits of mushroom tea.  A lovely cup of chaga, reishi and cordyceps always satisfy.  The immune boosting properties in these mushrooms are perfect anytime but most certainly in the ever dreaded cold and flu season.  Providing energy without stimulation as well as endurance is another great benefit. With proven results to aid in athletic performance as well 🙂  Insomnia, inflammation and radiation poisoning are a few other issues that have seen promising results with regular consumption .  Regular consumption tends to be somewhere around the 2-5 cups a day over a decent period of time.  The great thing about these types of teas is that you can place your sliced, dried reishi mushrooms along with chunks of chaga and cordyceps ( either or all will do just fine) into a pot on the stove and let the water reach a heat close to a boil but not quite and simmer for a few hours and then enjoy over a period of a few days.  Just leave the pot on the stove and whenever you want a cup simply heat the pot.  Nice and easy.  The dried mushrooms do go a long way which is great as well, and if you aren’t sure of the taste you can always add a flavoured tea bag of your favourite tea such a peppermint into your mix.  This wont change the amazing benefits, but may make the cup more enjoyable and thus meaning that more will be consumed.  That really is the idea now isn’t it.  Consistency is very important when taking any natural/herbal “remedy” .

So what are we doing after a long day tonight, having a cup of mushroom tea of course!!  Oh wait we’ve been drinking it all day! hehe 🙂 
Now get your immune systems on board too and make yourself a perfect batch 🙂


3 thoughts on “Mushroom Tea…….. Yes Please!!

  1. I would love to make mushroom tea. Can anyone tell me please how many grams of mushroom to how many milliliters of water is the appropriate ratio?
    Thank you very much,

    1. Hi there. 1 tablespoon of mushrooms will get you at least 4 cups of tea, as you can continue to heat the water with the mushrooms in it for days after the initial pot. It makes a fabulous tea, let us know how you like it 🙂 Cheers

      1. Thanks for the info! That sounds wonderfully economical. I’ll definitely experiment this week. Cheers

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