Do you meditate? Maybe its something you have thought about but just don’t feel the need just yet, or can’t figure out exactly how to relax enough to be able to reach that beautiful meditative state? Though if you do meditate you certainly know how amazing it can make you feel, so much so that you probably “need” it in your life now that you have made it a priority. Meditation generally makes people feel better, helps combat stress, aids with sleeping and relaxation and allows us to reach a more happier, peaceful state of body and mind 🙂 Some also find deeper levels of meditation can take a person down a blissful spiritual path. Either way you put it, mediation is a good thing and really can improve a persons lifestyle immensely.
Meditating may sound easy, however most of us know that when we first started out we realized just how busy our brains can be and how a seemingly simply task such as relaxing can actually be quite daunting. 
It is natural at first to have some difficulty settling our minds, however like most things with practice comes success. We may start with only a few minutes of meditation every other day, and quickly find ourselves needing a good half hour to an hour some few days or weeks later. Progression is normal and expected, and often provides a deeper state of relaxation down the road.
Somethings that we found useful when starting our “meditative journey” may too help you:
* Location: pay attention to where you choose to sit down and meditate, it has to be a calm place. Likely not in the middle of your children’s playroom where toys are scattered all around!! You might like things like candles, pillows, sand, shells etc to help you feel more relaxed. 
* Time: Choose a time in the day where you know you devote at least 10 minutes to yourself ( not right before dinner, or when the kids are banging on your door etc.) As well don’t overdo the amount of time you spend meditating at first, keep things simple at the start.
* Breathing: Breathing is very important, pay attention to each breath, in and out. This on its own often helps to start the relaxation process.
* Its hard to turn our thoughts off, but just be aware of them don’t fight them but maybe try asking them politely to leave you alone for the time being, imagine the negative energy leaving and being replaced by positivity.
* Comfort: Our body needs to be comfortable, this doesn’t mean you have to sit crossed legged on the ground ( as this is painful for some). Good posture is important, sit up straight and allow your head to reach the sky while your feet, bottom etc feel grounded.
* Be kind to yourself, allow yourself to feel happy, enjoy your time while meditating.

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose really ( well maybe just stress, agitation, insomnia etc!! haha ) So why not!
Let us know what works for you, do you already meditate and find yourself feeling better? What are some of your tips?




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