Ah yes its that time of year again, ghosts, goblins, witches and of course junk food!! Lots and lots of it.  The store shelves are layered top to bottom with a variety of highly processed sugary treats, it must be Halloween!!  Indeed it is, only another 2 weeks away and little trick or treaters will be covering the streets out and about to collect their loot.

This often brings about a lot of chatter and debate within the raw food community  as to how to best approach this time of year.  After all it is rather hard to avoid.  Not only is there halloween night, but the days leading up to it we also have to keep in mind the school going children will take part in halloween parties as well.
The question is, what do we do?  Do we allow our kids to trick or treat with their friends?  Do we keep them home that night?  What works best?  As always is the case what works for one may not be the best option for another, but the ideas that we will share seemed to be popular amongst those who we have spoken to, so we thought we would pass that along to those of you who may be in the same situation.
A lot of focus is put on the “junk” food that surrounds halloween and the parties we may be invited to, but that by no means means that we can’t replace the traditional treats with our own healthier versions.  We may not allow ourselves luscious raw treats everyday but this time of year just might be a good time to whip up a good few varieties.  That way our kids can have tasty, sweet, but healthy options and not feel so singled out.  As well this means we get to show off our delicious goodies to some of our curious friends and families.  Raw doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a sweet treat or two 🙂
As for the trick or treating on halloween night, most kids love the idea of dressing up and being outside with their friends.  Often this even out shadows the collection of sugary treats, so it may be important to allow our little ones to get out and have fun.  That said what do we do with all the candy they collect that we do not want them eating?  Well what about telling them that the candy will be left out for the sugar fairy who will take it away but who will also leave the child with an amazing replacement.  The next morning your child wakes up to a little gift, maybe a book, a toy, something they have had there eyes on.  This way they are still getting something ( and are often a lot more happy with this option) but we know they are not chomping down on sugary unhealthy sweets.
Could these ideas work for you?  Or do you have any other ideas to share?  Things that have perhaps worked for your family in the past?
Happy  Healthy Halloween!!

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