We all know that seeds and nuts can be super nutritious, and of course they are a staple in many peoples raw diets. Raw nuts make amazing cheeses, cake and pie crusts, sauces, dips, and a whole long list of awesome raw delights.
The thing is these nuts that are good for us also contain natural toxins that protect themselves but can be somewhat harmful to us. Generally causing bloating, and other digestive complaints. Not to mention improper absorption of nutrients as well.
The toxic coating contains digestive inhibitors that make it hard for our bodies to actually digest the nutrients that we are after by consuming them in the first place.
However the solution is simple really, in order to release these digestive inhibitors and allow ourselves to benefit fully while feeling good as well we must soak our nuts!!

Soaking nuts allows for the proteins to be more readily available, it helps remove any “anti-nutrients”, it increases the potency of many of the nutrients including B,C and A vitamins, it promotes the growth of healthy enzymes therefore aiding in digestive health and simply keeps us from not feeling so great afterwards as well. We are sure some of you, like us, have experienced once or twice unwanted stomach upset when finishing a handful or two of un-soaked raw nuts. Soaking nuts doesn’t have to be for hours and hours. A minimum of 20 minutes or for as long as 12 hours will help. We like to put a little lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar in with our water while soaking, it helps encourage the friendly bacteria and promote beneficial digestive properties. After soaking the nuts rinse them off and if you like to eat them on their own ( soaking can make them soft) you can put them in the dehydrator to achieve that crunchy texture again. Once soaked and dehydrated the nuts will keep for quite sometime. Refrigeration is recommended if you intend on keeping the nuts for some time.


What are your favourite ways to enjoy raw nuts? Do you have a favourite? Are they a big part of your diet?

2 thoughts on “Soak to beat the bloat!!

  1. While I know that nuts are better if soaked I find this process hard to follow. First I don’t have a dehydrator and don’t intend on purchasing one in the near future (I live in two different countries and have no permanent home in either so I’m living a bohemian lifestyle of sorts). But again I find it hard to plan how many nuts I might want to eat the next day. I admit that almonds are much better soaked, crunchy and easy to digest. I don’t eat them very often. My nuts of choice are Walnuts and pecans which I like crunchy, the crunchier the better. When I’m in Australia I eat mostly Local macadamias which are fresh, crunchy and amazing. And then the occasional walnuts and Pecans as well. I just wouldn’t enjoy those nuts if they were soggy. I heard that brazil nuts and macadamias didn’t need to be soaked. Is this true?

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