Recipe Week!! Golden Berry Cashew Chews :)

This weeks blog recipe is perfect for the kiddies lunches, or after school snacks.  Though we thought this one up for use when visiting friends and family and we don’t have access to our dehydrator but need a go-to snack bar recipe.  It is very simple and quick and only uses a half dozen or so ingredients, oh and it tastes marvelous!! ( at least we think so! )

O.K here we go:
Golden berry Cashew Chews
1/2 cup of raw cashews ( soaked for an hour and rinsed)
1/4 cup of raw macadamia nuts
1/2 cup of golden berries
handful of goji berries
1 tbsp of coconut oil
1 tsp of vanilla powder
2-3 drops of orange essential oil ( or a tsp of orange zest itself)
1/2 cup of raw shredded coconut
pinch of sea salt.
Process the golden berries in a food processor until ground, add all other ingredients and continue blending until well incorporated. 
Mix in goji berries and stir.  Now lay the bar mixture between two layers of wax paper and make it into a large inch thick square, freeze for approx. 30 mins or until desired consistency.  These bars can be kept in the fridge or freezer all depending on your favourite way to enjoy them, both are quite satisfying indeed.  All together, minus the soaking and freezing time these “chews” can be made in about 15 mins.  A great recipe to take with you when staying with others as it is not very time consuming nor does it require a lot of tools.  As well most ingredient items are easy to find and or pack along if need be. Enjoy!!
Hope you give it a try 🙂
When you travel what are some of your go-to raw food items that you always bring along?

A Raw Sweetener Worth Loving!!


As a Raw/Vegan company who highly values integrity we always thoroughly research the products and companies/manufacturers who we are supplied from.  This allows us to feel confident that we are offering the best of the best to our valued customers.  It also means that we are highly educated on the products and how they become what they are.  In the raw world a lot of emphasis is put on sweeteners, which ones are good which ones are bad etc.  We research extensively on this topic because we have so many people asking what we use and what we would recommend when it comes to sweetening up a raw recipe here and there etc.  That leads us to one of the more popular sweeteners we and many of you enjoy, Coconut sap. In the form of crystals, coconut nectar, aminos etc.  Although many people assume these products come from the actual coconuts, Coconut sugar is actually made by collecting the “sap” from the coconut blossoms. Who knew?!!  There are certain species of coconut trees that can be “tapped” (similar to our ever famous maple trees that produce maple syrup).  Bamboo containers are used to collect the sap from the blossoms.  The process in no way harms the production or growth of the coconuts and the tree continues to thrive.  Tapping a coconut tree for its sap is a centuries old tradition that does not harm the tree in any way. There is no sign that any of these coconut tree products are diminishing and many people enjoy the vast benefits that come along with their consumption.  This naturally sweet sap is very low glycemic (GI of 35) and we have found a great company who’s products are verified raw and enzymatically alive.  Also abundant in 17 amnio acids, vitamin C, broad spectrum B vitamins and has a nearly neutral PH.  Coconut Secrets then minimally evaporates the sap at low temperatures to avoid excess moisture, never exceeding an average summer day in the tropics.  Basically the end result becomes this fabulous syrup-like product known as coconut “toddy”, which is then further evaporated into crystal form to produce the coconut sugar that we use and love.  Trusting in a company is very important, after all if we are doing our very best to maintain our health we can only hope that the companies whose products we are consuming are equally on board and providing exactly what they say they are, nothing more and nothing less.  We feel confident and secure with the process used with these coconut products, they are a part of many peoples diets and we hope you too will feel comfortable with the information we have provided and enjoy some yourself!!
What are your favourite sweeteners? Do you use coconut sweeteners often?

Soak to beat the bloat!!


We all know that seeds and nuts can be super nutritious, and of course they are a staple in many peoples raw diets. Raw nuts make amazing cheeses, cake and pie crusts, sauces, dips, and a whole long list of awesome raw delights.
The thing is these nuts that are good for us also contain natural toxins that protect themselves but can be somewhat harmful to us. Generally causing bloating, and other digestive complaints. Not to mention improper absorption of nutrients as well.
The toxic coating contains digestive inhibitors that make it hard for our bodies to actually digest the nutrients that we are after by consuming them in the first place.
However the solution is simple really, in order to release these digestive inhibitors and allow ourselves to benefit fully while feeling good as well we must soak our nuts!!

Soaking nuts allows for the proteins to be more readily available, it helps remove any “anti-nutrients”, it increases the potency of many of the nutrients including B,C and A vitamins, it promotes the growth of healthy enzymes therefore aiding in digestive health and simply keeps us from not feeling so great afterwards as well. We are sure some of you, like us, have experienced once or twice unwanted stomach upset when finishing a handful or two of un-soaked raw nuts. Soaking nuts doesn’t have to be for hours and hours. A minimum of 20 minutes or for as long as 12 hours will help. We like to put a little lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar in with our water while soaking, it helps encourage the friendly bacteria and promote beneficial digestive properties. After soaking the nuts rinse them off and if you like to eat them on their own ( soaking can make them soft) you can put them in the dehydrator to achieve that crunchy texture again. Once soaked and dehydrated the nuts will keep for quite sometime. Refrigeration is recommended if you intend on keeping the nuts for some time.


What are your favourite ways to enjoy raw nuts? Do you have a favourite? Are they a big part of your diet?

Back to school basics!!

Ah yes its that time again, back to school!! For some an exciting time but for a few of our customer who have shared with us that they are a bit stressed about what to send their children to school with as far as raw and or vegan lunches and snacks go, they wanted a bit of guidance. Here are some fabulous ideas that are tried, tested and happily enjoyed by both younger and older children ( we may have had a nibble here and there ourselves!!)

Snack Ideas: ( because the raw/vegan often contains nuts be sure to be aware if there are any “nut bans” in your child’s classroom)
* If nuts are a go, an easy snack that can be made ahead in large batches is flavoured dehydrated raw nuts. Soak any type of raw nut for about 20 mins and rinse well. Place in a mixing bowl with your choice of flavours. We like cilantro lime, raw cacao and coconut oil, agave vanilla. The choices are endless. Simply mix well and dehydrate for 6-8 hours.
*Fruit roll ups are always a hit with kids but these fruit rolls ups are made with only fruit, nothing else. Using your fruit of choice, or a combination simply blend until pureed and pour onto your teflex sheet covered dehydrator tray in round circular shapes. Dehydrate for 8-12 hours (some fruits take longer than other so check periodically)
* Veggies and dip is another great one, a raw dip can be made rather quickly out of zucchini, tahini, lemon, olive oil and sea salt.
* For a sweeter snack try Raw chocolate nib cookie dough balls (blend together 1 cup of raw cashews with 1/2 cup of oat groats then add 2 tbsp of agave and 1 tbsp of yacon syrup( or more agave) continue blending and add 1 tsp of vanilla powder, stir in 1/4 cup of raw cacao nibs, roll mixture into small balls and place in fridge) Yum! 

Lunch Ideas:
*Celery sticks can be filled with either raw nut butters and raisins or goji berries, or raw nut pate
*Raw crackers and guacamole,salsa or hummus
*Raw zucchini pasta ( spiralized zucchini with a raw pesto or tomato sauce)
*Of course salads of any kind ( fruit, cabbage, greens etc)
*For older kids pack a “do it yourself” wrap using collard greens, nut pate, avocado,tomato. The child can stuff and wrap their own, this often gets the other students curious!!
*Kale chips!!! So many varieties 🙂
*Smoothies and fresh juices are great as well as long as they are packed appropriately of course

Hopefully we have provided a few ideas that will help you get on your way to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for yourselves and children too, while of course keeping things tasting and relatively easy 🙂Image

What are some of your kids favourite lunches and snacks?