Hello friends!!  This week starts the first of many exciting giveaways over here on our blog.  We have the very best customers around and so as a token of our appreciation we would like to thank you all by launching our first giveaway!! And yes there will be more to come as well so be sure to spread the word to your health conscious friends too!!

Before we jump right into the giveaway wouldn’t you like to hear a bit about what it is that we are giving away?  Of course you would, so here goes!
This is one of our very favourite kitchen tools and has really helped us to stay creative in the kitchen and enjoy our raw, vegan lifestyles to the max 🙂  It also happens to be one of our most popular items so we figured you might just love it too!
Would you be interested in a salad that is full of colour and texture?  Maybe a raw zucchini pasta? How about fast and easy fillings for your wraps?  These are only a few of the amazing meals that we love to use our Vegetable Spiral Slicer for.  Oh our mouths are watering over here just thinking about it, must be getting close to lunch time 🙂  The Spiral Vegetable Slicer cuts veggies and fruits into curly, ribbon like slices.  It is simple to use and can prepare gourmet foods with a few quick turns of the wheel.  Healthy foods like vegetables noodles, apple rings etc are all at your finger tips.  How could we not love this tool.  We really hope that you will too and we would love to be able to help get you one.
This contest is easy, simply leave us a comment below telling us what the first thing is that you would use your Slicer for.  Will it be a salad? a pasta? Okay, what kind exactly?  We’re looking for details folks.  All entries will then be placed in the draw at the end of September ( so you have a month to enter) and a winner will be drawn at random.  We will contact the winner via email and ship your wonderful prize out in early October to be enjoyed!  So what are you waiting for,  this awesome slicer can be yours!  Best of luck to all and thanks again for your loyalties 🙂Image

59 thoughts on “Upaya Naturals Giveaway!!!!!!!! It’s contest time :)

  1. The first thing I would make is a ribbon apple because I would love to see the beauty of it and make some for my girls, so we can all try one. I would make a salad second with zucchini and cucumber and I would love to see if it can spiralize a carrot.
    A very fun tool! Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Ohhh yes!!! I’m really happy about this contest because I want to have that kind of spiral slicer for a long time now 🙂
    The first thing I would with it ? Heuuu…probably try pasta with sweet potato. I’m not sure yet what would be the sauce, but I’m curious to see how it will turn out. Also, butternut squash, especially with autumn that is coming. Certainly, I would also make a wonderful salad with the zucchini with thaï flavor. I have all kind of plans and idea. I can’t wait now to see the outcome of that contest.
    Thank you for that opportunity. I’ve discovered your site over the last year and since, I’ve made several orders; juicer, a vitamix and all kind of raw stuff. I’m very satisfied of everything.
    Thanks again and have a nice weekend 🙂

  3. I would definitely funk up all my salads. Matter of fact, I think I would become obsessive with every vegetable that I can find….lol…..this would be a good thing, yes?

  4. We had an abundant harvest of organic zucchini in our urban front yard vegetable garden I have been making zucchini pasta using a carrot peeler, we would love more raw zucchini dishes so winning this would be great! Raw zucchini spaghetti all the way!

  5. I LOVE Thai food, so the first thing I would make is Pad Thai with zucchini noodles, carrots, bell peppers, green onions and my own raw Thai sauce with crumbled cashews. I’ve been wanting a spiralizer for a LONG time!!! This is a very exciting contest!

  6. Seeing as beets are plentiful now, I would spiralize beets for a coleslaw type of salad…with some sweet potato, zucchini and probably a peanuty sauce. Hmm. makes me hungry.

  7. too funny I was going to order one of these but now I’ll have to hold out until the contest is complete ;). *crossing fingers*. The first thing I would make would be FullyRawKristina’s Raw Fettuccine Alfredo! http://youtu.be/lQJzK4P8N5U. Thank you for offering this giveaway! Very exciting 🙂

  8. I enjoy making colourful salads by grating different vegetables. I think it would be very elegant to spiral instead of grating. I often use broccoli hearts and carrot, then throw in some raw pumpkin seeds, black sesame seeds and raw cashews, dressed up with a little apple cider vinegar, hemp oil, and sea salt. I like the way the spiralled sweet potato looks in that photo. My four year old is always intrigued to eat veggies when they are in different and interesting shapes. How fun would it be to spiral zucchini, then toss with hemp oil, nutritional yeast, crushed raw cashews, sea salt, and slivered spinach and basil leaves!

  9. I want to make a raw pad thai with zucchini noodles! I have tried it with kelp noodles on my own, and with zucchini noodles at a raw food restaurant and the zucchini is sooo much better! Impossible to make without this tool, though. I have been wanting one all summer and have been trying to save up the money to get one. I would be so happy to win this contest!!! 🙂

  10. The first thing that I would make is a spiraled apple which I would then dehydrate after having been sprinkled with essential oil of lemon and sprinkled with Ceylon cinnamon. Then I would make a raw caramel dipping sauce to enjoy the dehydrated apple spirals.

  11. I would make sweet potato noodles, just simple with olive oil, salt and pepper. Or I might try tossing ribbon slices in seasoning and oil and dehydrating them as curly chips.

  12. The first thing I would make is a zucchini and carrot salad with pine nut pesto. My friend made me this for lunch one day. She recommended this spiral vegetable slicer. My kids loved the meal and were so take with the spiral slicer. We’re vegan too, so it would be great to add this texture and interest to our meals! Thank you for the chance to win.

  13. The second thing that I would do is spiral as many apples, pears, and whatever else could be spiraled. I would then let them dry and then string them as a garland for my christmas tree in December. What an delicious looking tree this would make.

  14. If I won the spiralizer, I think I would get a bunch of different veggies out and spiralize them just cuz I CAN!! More out of curiosity than anything. I am using a reg peeler to make some cool cucumber salads, etc, but not the same thing. I would like to spiral zucchini to make pasta and toss it with some good tomato sauce (bolognese is my fav). THe list would be endless, me & my juicing girlfriend would have a heyday. We are newbies 🙂

  15. I’m dying to make raw zucchini pasta with vegan tomato basil marinara. I LOVE pasta but would like to get away from gluten and add more delicious, healthy raw foods to my diet. I’m transitioning into veganism and spiral vegetable slicer would rock my meat free world! Thanks, Upayanaturals!

  16. I would definitely use this kitchen tool to engage my children with making fun salads for our nightly dinners together. Having a 3 year old and a 14 year old can be a challenge making salads they both enjoy and by being able to create ribbons and spirals our of fruits and vegetables would definitely bring a new enjoyment to the table as there would be a consistent excitement to play while eating.

    Thank you for all that you do with your products, website and blog.. Is always fresh and inspiring 🙂 much love & light 🙂

    1. iI think I would experiment with something other than zucchini. Would it be possible to spiralize thai coconut flesh. I buy it from upayanaturals by the pound. You could almost defrost it till it is still firm, then spiralize. Oh man, coconut noodles. Spiiralize some daikon radlish too, a little chili, a pad thai sauce. It would be amazing I think.

  17. I would use it to make an asian style salad with cucumber/zuchini/carrot noodles. I’ve been wanting one of these and if I don’t win I’ll be ordering one from you!

  18. Zucchini pasta with chunky tomato sauce from Whole Foods To Thrive by Brendan Brazier. It’s a really delicious raw recipe with sun-dried tomatoes and raisons!

  19. I would spiral slice some gorgeous local zucchini and top it with a delicious homemade tomato sauce (making use of all of the amazing local field tomatoes right now!) Yum

  20. The “FIRST” thing I want to make is “raw fettuccine Alfredo” yummy! I love being as raw as possible, so I want to make low fat raw fettuccine Alfredo which requires zucchini, cauliflower, lemon, basil, thyme, oregano, pine nuts, garlic clove and cherry tomatoes! I have a vita-mix, which I bought from you and I have the processor, so all I need is the spiral slicer to make gorgeous fat noodles! then in the.. Vita-mix recipe: dressing pine nuts, zucchini, herbs and garlic (dressing zucchini with zucchini)… then pour over the zucchini noodles, then … in the food processor put cauliflower so it looks like snow…. and sprinkle it on the zucchini …. then put cherries tomatoes cut in half on top! voila that is what I will do with the spiral slicer!

  21. I have wanted one of these things forever! I think I would make raw zucchini-noodle pad thai. I have seen so many great recipes. 🙂

  22. The first thing I would do is make a zucchini pasta for sure! I love getting “raw pad thai” at Toronto’s vegan restaurants, so being able to make it at home would be amazing! I tried once.. cutting a zucchini into small pieces, and haha.. didn’t quite work out.. but it tasted great! 😀
    I’d cover it with some raw cashew butter and a pepper paste, and yumm.. add some cashews, onions and there’s a wonderful dinner 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. I would make zucchini pasta noodles. I’ve tried making them with the veggie peeler, but they aren’t very consistent in size or shape. I think my kids would love their veggies made into noodles with dressing or sauce. Yum!

  24. I am new to the RAW world, having had my first dining experience in Feb at RAWthentic Eatery in Qualicum Beach, BC and fell in love!! I felt sooo energized and healthy after that meal, that I decided I have to make some big changes in my life. Having just received my new Vitamix, next is dehydrator, this spiralizer!! and a juicer!! Dying to make veggie noodles to use in my new recipe book “I am Grateful-Recipes & Lifestyles of Cafe Gratutude. From salads to pasta’s, can’t wait to try them all!!

  25. I love raw pesto sauce- basil, olive oil, garlic, sea salt, parsley, cilantro… and I would experiment on any possible veggie spirals, starting with zucchini of course, then squash, beets, carrots…, anything goes well with pesto!

  26. ohhhh…..the pastabilities are endless! I would make a tri-colored “pasta” using zucchini, carrots or sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. It would be great either raw or slightly stir-fried. Haven’t decided on the sauce yet. I would probably try to dehydrate some of these “noodles” in my Excal iber.

  27. I would attempt making apple roses and other flowers that i’d dehydrate and use as fun raw cookie or cake decorations! :9

  28. I would christen this fantastic little kitchen gadget with a batch of raw beets and fresh Ontario orchard apples and combine them with some red onion, chives, sea salt and ACV, dress it all up with some sunflower and pumpkin seeds and carry the lot to a local Rawluck Meetup to share with all the good folks there. But, of course, that would be only the beginning since the spiralizer would likely find a permanent home on the counter top and in daily use making raw pasta and salad fixin’s. Yum!

  29. I would make a Raw SprializedThai salad – to try to mimic the delish Tangled Salad Thai at Fresh. We don’t have Fresh restaurants in Manitoba so this would be the next best thing!!! It would mean spirlaizing some beet varieties and zucchini.
    Crossing my fingers!

  30. OMG I would do so much with the Spiraler!!! I would create a lovely desert dish with spiraled carrots and apples with added cinnamon and raisins, while that is marinating in its own juices I would then create a main course of spiraled sweet potato and zucchini spaghetti topped with an amazing raw tomato/pesto sauce.
    Oh how exciting to finally have one of these units. I have been trying for over a year to purchase one locally but because I work away for 20 days at a time, I am always too late when the orders come in. I have tried to pre pay for one and have them hold it for me but apparently “it’s against their policy”. Now I am told “their supplier no longer carries them” so I am on the hunt again.

  31. The first thing I would make is a beautiful and curly beet/zucchini/sweet potato salad and serve it to my son to attract him to the goodness of raw food.

    Thanks for offering this contest!


  32. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to have such a useful kitchen tool. ! I will be making sweet potato spiral snacks by tossing the spirals with org olive oil…cinnamon…nutmeg…and lightly sweetened with powdered coconut sugar (using a coffee grinder) and dehydrating…yummm I have only been using the softer veggies as my current tools don’t handle the harder textures with any ease.!

  33. The first thing I would make is a colourful rawslaw for my kiddies with a side of sweet potato chips!! the shredder gets so messy!! Raw sweet potato chips the kids love, and this would make them so beautifully thin. My Slaw, beets, carrots, pear, mango(not too ripe of course), cucumber, with either an avocado dressing(avocado, coconut vinegar, water) or just plain old coconut vinegar, kids love it!
    this is the best site to get all my raw bulk items, love it!! Thanks Upaya!

  34. I would love to have real zucchini pasta with a simple basil sauce, something I’ve never attempted to do before, as simple as it is. I use a hand julienne tool to make my zucchini look like pasta, in doing this I’ve sliced my fingers on many occasions. I’ve had my eye on this piece of equipment for some time now, but unfortunately it always landed at the bottom of the list of priorities. I also have a daughter whose teeth are coming in fast and furious and I really want her food to look interesting and inviting when she is able to eat more solid foods.

  35. I would love to start introducing my husband and children to raw food. Making some yummy raw sprialized “pasta” would be a great introduction to something they have never tried.

  36. I would make some apple chips. Put some cinnamon on them and dehydrate them. I have done this with a different spiral slicer and they are so good.

  37. This is the season in Saskatoon to move from lettuce and sprout salads to cabbage, beet, carrot slaw type salads. Of course you can always add seeds nuts raisins and sprouts. This looks like a dandy tool for making a nest of spiraled veg.

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