A staple “item” for many people on a typical western diet seems to be milk. Be it cows or goats. Whether in a bowl of cereal, added to milkshakes and smoothies or simply a nice cold glass on it’s own. We too have had a lot of customers telling us that they dread the thought of giving up their “quick and easy ” breakfast option of a bowl of cereal with milk before leaving the house for work in a rush every morning. Knowing that breakfast is so important having a fast option is always ideal. So what do our raw/vegan friends do then? After all, they must have busy days and find themselves looking for a quick bowl of milk and cereal too right? Well of course they do!! 
Enter Raw Nut Mylk!! Really it works the same way as dairy milkas far as what it can be enjoyed with, and a bowl of cereal ( or in the raw world, a nice bowl of granola) is always perfect. Oh and for those of you who don’t already make your own Nut Mylk let us tell you it is indeed easy to make. The other great thing is that the flavours are almost endless. Most nuts and seeds make great tasting Mylks and can also be combined with each other. Nut Mylks are also very nutritious, the various varieties providing protein, selenium, vitamins B, E, C, D and lots more. Hemp Mylk is particularly nice in a smoothie post workout for a great boost of amino acids and omegas.

How about a simple recipe to get you started on your way? All Nut Mylks keep in the fridge for about 2-3 days. We also like to put some in ice cube trays in the freezer so that we always have some on hand and the iced Mylk is nice when put in smoothies 🙂

General rule is approx. 1 cup of nuts to 4 cups of water.
Nuts are best soaked for at least 2 hours ( nuts contain enzyme inhibitors and once soaked the nuts are much easier to digest and absorb, so we always recommend at least a quick soak and rinse)

HEMP, ALMOND, BRAZIL NUT MYLK ( this recipe is packed with Protein, Vitamin E, Selenium, Calcium, Folate and more)

1 cup total of soaked and rinsed Brazil nuts and Almonds
1/4 cup of hemp seeds
2-3 dates, if not soft you may want to soak for 20 mins or so. ( if you don’t have dates on hand you can use raisins or another quality sweetener)
1/4 TSP of vanilla powder
4 cups of fresh water

Simply blend together, strain with a Nut Mylk bag and enjoy. 

This mylk can be warmed up as well and is nice with a little turmeric powder, ginger and cinnamon and taken before bed.

Do you have a favourite type of Nut Mylk? How do you enjoy your Mylk? Smoothies? with Raw Granola?


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