So we commonly hear about such diet lifestyles as carnivore, vegetarian, raw foodist, vegan and of course a good few more, but how often do we hear the term “Breatharian”??
We don’t know about you folks but for us its just not a common term around here. So that being said we thought we look into a little, after all you can’t really have an opinion of something if you don’t exactly know what the heck you’re talking about right 🙂

A Breatharian is a person who is fully nourished by pure energy and therefore does not eat or drink anything. Wow!! Some sources say that as a breatharian they live as light.
It seems a similar word, Inedia ( Latin for fasting) was first used to describe a fasting-based lifestyle with Catholic tradition, where certain saints were said to be able to survive for extended periods of time without food or drink other than the Eucharist.
Nowadays the term Breatharian is used, in which believers claim that food and even possibly water are not necessary and that humans can survive and thrive solely by the energy of the sunlight. Breatharians refer to this practice as a lifestyle and not a diet.
Gosh it sure makes you wonder how this can be doable in the winter/rainy grey months when sunlight is just not available to us if the basis of survival is actually sunlight! Interesting indeed 🙂
When you look at this lifestyle from a nutritional stand point ( which many of you tend to!)  do you think it indicates that extremely long, extensive periods of fasting (we’re talking more than a couple of months) can lead to starvation and dehydration (which of course aren’t recommended) ? Though rare,we found cases of starvation related deaths from this lifestyle that are documented. However it  seems some people out there are also thriving in this way of life as well.   One of these very individuals would be Wiley Brooks, he is the founder of the Breatharian Institute of America and has been a Breatharian for some 30 years.  He is now 74 years old and claims that if you live under the proper conditions a person can live with or without eating physical food.  He gives seminars and teaches his philosophy and was actually featured on national television in 1981 on the show ” Thats Incredible” demonstrating his strength buy lifting 1100 pounds of weight, nearly 10 times his own body weight.  Indeed that does sound pretty incredible.

Some of our customers just love their superfoods way way too much to ever imagine giving them up!! Maybe the breatharians haven’t heard them go on and on about how awesome some of these foods truly are or how they could possibly choose to go without 🙂  🙂 .” Life without Cacao, Spirulina, Hemp, Coconuts, Goji Berries, Avocado etc, No Way!!!!!!!!” Well not for a lot of you out there anyway but more power to them , all the more delicious raw, vegan options for those who thrive on them! Haha 🙂
ImageWhat about you guys, is this something you could ever practice? What foods would be the hardest for you to say a final goodbye to?

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