We hear it all the time, Drink your water, drink your water, drink your water!! But how much of us actually abide by this statement and get enough?
Water actually makes up more than 2/3 of our body weight and thus we cannot go more than a few days without it, lucky for most of us its not hard to access. ( Of course we must always remember to be thankful and never take it for granted)
Water is completely essential to our health and survival, especially with these crazy hot days we have been experiencing, prevention of dehydration is soooo important.
Water is the basis of all life and what, when and how much we consume is vital to our being. Everyday we lose water through urine, perspiration, breathing etc so it is very important for us to replenish ourselves by consuming more water either in its true form or also foods and drinks that are high in water content.
Its hard to say exactly how much water each of us should take in daily but it is safe to say that once we become thirsty it is often because we have already become dehydrated. Keeping a bottle full of water with us most of the time and drinking it throughout the day before the actual thirst hits is such a great practice.
General guidelines seem to have stated that men should drink roughly 13 glasses of water a day and women approx. 9. Are you getting enough?
It might sound silly but pay attention to your urine, if it is consistently clear then chances are you are consuming enough water, and if not well you know what to do!!

Here are a few tips that may help you get your water intake up if you don’t already do so, which is actually quite a few of us!!
*Set a digital watch to go off every hour reminding you to grab a glass
*Get a purification system, fresh water tastes better!!
*Add lemon or lime juice to your water if you find the taste “boring”!
*Include more water dense fruits and veggies in your diet eg: celery, watermelon, cucumber,etc.
*Purchase a new water bottle that a good size for carrying around and is easy to open for quick access ( we have some great water bottle options in store to help with this 🙂 )
*Herbal teas can count as water too, as long as you don’t drink tea with caffeine you are all good! Even a simple blend of hot water, fresh mint and fresh ginger is great. 

Not only will you feel better ( less tired, more energy etc) your skin benefits as well from proper water intake. Think of it as a moisturizer for inside and out.

If we remain committed to or healthy lifestyles, we must make drinking enough natural water a constant habit in our lives. It doesn’t take long to feel the benefit and it is of course a free investment for our long-term health!! So drink up!!

Do you find it easy to get your recommended glasses of water each day? Do you tend to mix it with herbs, fruits etc to change the flavour and make it easier to drink or are you a “straight up” kinda drinker?
Any tips you’d care to share with our friends?



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