The word superfood has been coming up a lot lately and we get a lot of people asking about Superfoods. That being said we thought why not talk about a few of our favourites and why we love them so much. Over the next 4 weeks we will discuss some of these amazing powerhouses in the hopes that if you are not already enjoying these that you will soon be convinced and jump on board and have a Superfood Summer!!

Superfoods are considered foods that have at least a dozen unique properties which are highly beneficial to ones health and wellness. 
Eating Superfoods is a great way to guarantee that your body will be supplied with all the nutrition it requires in order to be healthy and carry you on throughout the years 🙂
These foods are all natural, and work together in the human body to provide synergy and balance. They truly are an essential part of our balanced diets. They allow us to eat less while getting more nutrition, pretty neat!!

Superfoods are best when consumed in their Raw and Organic forms. Of course we know that over the years it has been demonstrated that this is the best way to preserve the foods vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein etc.

So if you are looking to feel better, have more energy, ease pain, sleep better, etc then please join us on our journey through Superfoods and see if these can help you too!

This week we will talk about Hemp.
If any of you raw vegans out there are like us then we are sure you too have been asked a million times ” how can you possibly get your protein on this kind of diet?”

Well we mentioned Spirulina in last weeks blog ( which happens to be the very best source of protein) but it doesn’t stop there.
Hempseeds are awesome!` Little tidbit of info here, they belong to a plant family that can actually survive in nearly every climate on earth ( how cool is that)
Though Hemp and marijuana are both classified as Cannabis Sativa, hemp is of the variety that is completely legal, containing as little as .05 to 1 % of THC.

So why is the Hempseed so “Super”
-Approx 35% protein ( all digestible)
-Great source of Omega 3 and Omega 6, with an ideal balance
-Great source of Lecithin ( brain building and liver supporting)
-Contains Chlorophyll
-Easy on the digestive system
-Immune boosting
-Full of essential Fatty Acids
-Powerful antioxidants
-Anti inflammatory

Hempseeds also contain calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and so many more important minerals that are readily absorbed and utilized by the body. Of course not to forget that hemp oil is also used and is quite booming these days in the personal hygiene industry. Everything from shampoos, soaps, lip balms and more.
The Hemp plant happens to be made up of some of the worlds strongest natural fibres, thus finding it widely used in clothing and fabric, and resulting in a fabric that is stronger more absorbent than cotton. Oh and hemp clothing can also provide protection from the sun’s UV rays. So many great reasons that clothing made up of all or a good amount of hemp is gaining lots of popularity.

Well as usual our list can go on and on, but hoping that we have touched on some main strong points and maybe even convinced some of you to consume or use this amazing Superfood more often 🙂

Care for a recipe, how about a nice tasty salad dressing

Super Hempseed Dressing:
1/3 cup of hempseed
1/4 cup hempseed oil
1/4 cup coconut oil ( place in a double boiler or in your dehydrator to soften up)
3 tbsp of fresh lemon or lime juice
A handful of parsley and or other fresh herbs ( oregano is nice too!)
2 tbsp of Spirulina ( we so love this too)
2 tbsp of agave
A pinch of salt ( celtic, himalayan )
Simply blend everything up and pour over your salad. Or rub through kale leaves ( de stemmed and torn up), place in dehydrator and enjoy yummy Hempseed kale chips!!

Check out the many Hemp products in store and see for yourself just how amazing and possibly life changing the ever wonderful Hempseed can be for you 🙂
Come back next week and see what Superfood we chose to blab on about!! Image


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