Have you heard much about MSM?? If you are looking for pain relief there is a good chance that these 3 letters could very well be your answer.
MSM is a nutritional supplement which is safe and effective and now used widely as a treatment solution for many types of inflammatory and pain related conditions.
So many people are finding that a good quality MSM supplement can and does contribute to overall good health, maybe worth a shot if you or someone you know is battling through painful conditions. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a natural substance that is found in food as well as our own bodies.
It is a natural option with little to no side effects that has many people excited as it has been successfully replaced in many cases instead of prescription pain medications. ( As with all supplements we strongly recommend you talk with your own doctor first to see if it is a suitable substitute)

Basically MSM supplies the body with biologically active sulfur( which is a commonly neglected nutrient). Sulfur’s healing properties date back a while and doctors actually used to prescribe their patients who suffered pain visit mineral hot springs which are rich in sulfur. Surely it was not hard to jump on board that prescription!! A nice relaxing day sitting in nature waist deep in the natural hot springs, now thats medication! ( Though don’t expect one visit to be a cure all of course!)

There are so many cases out there of people just like us who have highly benefited from the use of this great supplement, some of the ailments these people were treated for include:
*Degenerative arthritis
*Chronic headaches and other chronic pains
*Rheumatoid arthritis
*Muscle and tendon pains
*Carpal tunnel syndrom
*Post-traumatic pain 
Even heart burn, and other issues have been noted as well.

Some clinical trials have demonstrated that about 70% of patients given MSM have received great relief, pretty darn good numbers.

Another great thing about taking MSM is the potential for other great things to take place as well, softer skin, thicker hair, stronger nails, constipation relief ,allergy relief and often more energy also. Sounds pretty awesome now doesn’t it 🙂

MSM is available in many forms, capsules, crystals ( which is great because it can be mixed into water or juices.) , and is also used topically when applied to the skin in the form of lotions or gels.
All forms are beneficial and like everything out there some work better than others for different people. Just like the dosages, some people require higher amounts and others do great on a low doses. The general rule is to start off slow and gradually build up if need be.
Often people notice changes within days and with others it can take weeks or months. Compliance is key.

Hopefully we have provided you with some info on how it may be possible to treat some of your pain issues naturally. You can find a variety of form of MSM online at our store ( and a great book as well which is full of info)
Cheers and Happy Healing!!


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