Kefir is amazing stuff, a gluten free grain which in Turkish actually means ” feel good”.  It is a great cultured probiotic drink, its enzyme rich and packed with friendly micro-organisms which help to balance us from the inside out.

Kefir has a great fizzy, effervescent feel to it ( much like kombucha) and is super beneficial in balancing the digestive system.

Drinking water kefir has many many benefits, shall we take a closer look:

*Antibiotic and Anti fungal
*Can help to stop unhealthy sugary, sweet food cravings
*Contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes
*Contributes to a healthy immune system
*Has been shown to help many different conditions including, AIDS, autoimmune diseases, candida and more
*Aids in digestions
*Cleanses the liver
*Promotes a clearer complexion
*Stronger hair and nails
*Increase in energy
*Help for sleep disorders
*Cleansing effects on the whole body
And of course a general feeling of well being.

Once you have your water kefir grains the great thing is that they just continue to grow and grow, you may even get so many you will end up wanting to share some 🙂
They are inexpensive and the perfect way to include valuable probiotics in ones diet.
There are so many great flavoured drinks that we can enjoy with our water kefir.

Juicing fresh orange juice is always great added to your prepared water kefir.  You can enjoy a nice  strawberry lemon aid kefir drink in the hot summer weather by juicing a few strawberries and squeezing a little lemon juice into the mix as well.
Check out this great video to get clear instructions on how to grow and enjoy your very own water kefir, and then get creative with your flavours and enjoy the many benefits!!


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