Who doesn’t love a good meal centred around delicious mushrooms?
Raw pesto spread over a large portobello and dehydrated for a few hours makes such a tasty dinner dish, but what about all those other mushrooms.  For instance how often do we use reishi, miatake and chaga mushrooms?  Do you enjoy the amazing benefits of these fungi too?  If you don’t already we really think you should 🙂

We’d like to tell you why we think you should by letting you know some of the awesome health benefits that 3 of our favourite mushrooms can bring to the table ( or to your coffee mug in the form of teas and elixirs!!)

We love Reishi Mushrooms, it is actually said that these mushrooms benefit spirituality more than any other herb or substance out there. Wow!!
Along with many other mushroom species they are one of the very best immune strengthening substances out there.

Reishi is known to treat several issues including: Diabetes, auto immune diseases, skin conditions, digestive ailments and so much more.
Known as a tonic these mushrooms benefit the liver and heart with great results.  Also the reishi mushroom is known as a symbol of longevity, long live the mushroom!!
Next up would be Maitake mushrooms, and like reishi and all other medicinal mushrooms they are powerhouses for our immune systems.
They help to alleviate digestive issues and promote intestinal health.  They also may limit and inhibit tumour growth, as seen in mice ( which is very promising)
Known to help lower and regulate a persons blood pressure.  Maitake mushrooms are also packed with vitamins and minerals, high in calcium, magnesium and B vitamins.
Third up and super versatile is the Chaga mushroom, a bit lesser known over here in the “western world” but becoming more widely consumed as it is top notch for sure!
Chaga again is high on the list of immune strengthening substances and is known for its uses in the treatment of viral infections, stomach problems, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and once again this list to continues on.
All of these mushrooms are high in antioxidants and considered non-toxic, though it is always wise to pass it by your doctor before starting anything new, it can’t hurt just to mention it now can it.
The benefits of these mushrooms are vast and cover both body and mind with positive results seen inside and out 🙂
There are various delicious ways that they can be enjoyed, dried mushrooms can be boiled in soup broths or teas, rehydrated in water and enjoyed cooked or raw with other vegetables and of course our favourite way to enjoy these fantastic fungi  is in the form of elixirs.
Here is a sample of a tasty elixir that you just mat love too.
First thing would be to make the base of the elixir, which is basically a “mushroom tea”.  It can be drank on its own or used in the elixirs.
Take 2 tablespoons of each of the 3 mushrooms and heat them over low to medium heat with about 6 cups of water. The longer the better, minimum 20 minutes, but up to hours if you so choose on a very low setting.
Take a cup of the tea and mix it in a blender with a cup of cashew milk ( or nut milk of choice) along with 1 tsp each of cacao, lucuma, agave and coconut oil.  Mix it all together and enjoy this yummy chocolatey mushroom elixir which is packed with nutrition to satisfy and heal.
Check out the store, we sell all of these mushrooms and more to get you on your way to enjoying the superior benefits 🙂 

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