So you are eating healthy, living an active lifestyle, taking care of yourself, ( shopping at our store!! haha ) well sounds like we are all doing great! Though as we all know there is always room for more knowledge when it comes to our health.
With so many amazing options out there for us to access and benefit from. Thing is there are also so many great things out there that we just don’t know to much about, but so many of these can and do pack such an awesome nutritional punch.

We thought you should know about a few of the things that we love and want you to as well. We do know some of you are already enjoying the wonderful benefits of some of these, and for that we say “keep it up”!!

Have you heard of the amazing Schisandra Berry??
They are berries originally used in traditional chinese medicine to help with liver issues and are now enjoyed worldwide for their powerful health qualities.
– Schisandra berries are an adaptogen, so they help normalize the bodies functions naturally during stressful situations and help the body to adapt and increase resistance to stress and even disease.
-They can help increase stamina and energy without stimulation
-Fight fatigue
-Aid in mental clarity
-Help to preserve beauty
-Often used as a sexual enhancer
-Anti depressant qualities as well.

Schisandra berries, which are most often consumed in a naturally sun dried state can be eaten on their own, in trail mixes, smoothies, fruit salads etc. Or most traditionally in teas and stews.
These little berries may look tiny but their nutritional properties are off the scale!!

How about Neem Oil, interested in hearing more?

Neem Oil is pressed from the Neem tree, originates in India and is used as an ayurvedic remedy for many many things.
Not limited to but including:
-Natural cleaning products
-Natural insect repellent
-To promote healthy, shiny hair ( maybe even prevent premature greying!!)
-Nail strength 
-Dry skin
-Head lice
And the list goes on and on. Neem oil is also anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral, so is often used to speed up wound healing and boost ones immune system.
With summer just around the corner we think the skin and beauty benefits alone are enough to include this oil in your daily routines.

Onto Astragalus Root:
Also a herb used in traditional Chinese medicine and used for its adaptogenic properties, it comes with great immune strengthening qualities. Often used to treat colds and flus it can help elevate the bodies resistance to bacteria and viruses.
It can help prevent high blood pressure and keep cholesterol in check too.
It can help protect cells from free radicals with its antioxidant properties.
It has been used with great results for many digestive issues including gas and bloating.
Aids with chronic fatigue, and with its anti bacterial properties is also used as a wound healer. Of course once again this list does go on to but we think you get the picture here!

These are just 3 amazing “products” in a list of many that one may want to considering adding to their diets ( lifestyles etc.) and we hope we were able to give you a little information as to why. 
Please don’t hesitate to send us an email, or facebook message if there are any products in store that you are curious about and would life more information on. We will do our very best to get you informed.Image

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