Don’t let the somewhat strange look of this amazing “superfood” stop you from enjoying its many many benefits.  Trust us it doesn’t look this way when used as a creamy filling to some of the most delicious raw desserts out there!!  If you’re like a lot of people ( often those just starting out in the raw world!) then you tend to stay away from things that don’t look familiar or that you just don’t know the purpose of.  We are sure this is often the case with poor dear old irish moss, given its rather unappealing look its likely passed over time and time again at the health food store simply because of its look ( or even its name).

Truth is Irish Moss, which is just that ( seaweed freshly picked from along the irish coast) is such a versatile ingredient that is quite popular among many on a raw food diet.  It is full of so many nutritious properties, loads of minerals and antioxidants.  
What’s so great about it as far as using it as an ingredient is that it contains a powerful gelling agent which is used as an emulsifier and really does take raw desserts to the next level.
It is almost tasteless, and once rinsed and soaked properly the salty taste that comes along with it( it is from the ocean after all) in pretty much gone and its takes on the flavour of whatever else it is mixed with.  Ahhhh the versatility!!
It contains quite a bit less fat than nuts and seeds, which is a primary source for sure in many raw desserts.  So that of course is always welcome.  
It get’s better though, the healthy benefits are a plenty!!  It is said that irish moss can help ease digestion, nausea, constipation etc.  It is like many powerful superfoods antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral.  So it can be used topically as well for things like eczema, burns, insect bites etc.
Irish Moss contains iron, calcium, zinc, b vitamins, amino acids, iodine ( thyroid health), potassium and so much more.  It contains several antiviral agents which not only prevent colds and flu’s in the first place but it may also eradicate a wide range of infections.
Starting to sound good yet??  It may look complicated at first, but really it is so easy to use and you can be used in so many ways.  Start by soaking the moss in cold water for a few minutes to rehydrate it and then sift through it as best you can to remove any larger pieces of things like shells etc that may be stuck to it.  If you find any hard pieces that don’t seem to soften up just cut them off.  Rinse the plant a second time and now you will want to soak it in warm water making sure it is completely covered.  Really anywhere from 1-24 hours.  Once you are all ready to go blend it up using some of the soak water with a powerful blender to make a smooth gel.  The great thing about it is that it will last weeks, if not months if sealed tight in your fridge.  Very useful for adding a tablespoon to your daily smoothie, it will keep you fuller longer while providing many healthy benefits. 
Though it is not just desserts that irish moss can be added to, as a salad dressing or dip, or really anything that you would like to thicken up.
Give it a try and reap the benefits!! Image

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