The most celebrated environmental event worldwide will be taking place once again this weekend.  April 22nd marks the 22nd annual International Earth Day!!
What a great day for over 170 countries to take part in such an important event and stand united to address environmental issues.
We will all let our voices be heard in the name of our planet and its sustainability.
Worldwide people and organizations will be campaigning and demanding change, the idea of a better future will be at the forefront.
Canada and some 140 other nations joined the USA ( who started the idea in the 1970) in 1990 and thus the first annual International Earth Day was celebrated.
Nowadays in Canada Earth Day has grown and is now often celebrated as Earth week and even Earth Month.
So many great festivals and public community events geared towards “Earth Empowerment” are taking place everywhere, growing year after year and making serious changes for the better 🙂
It will be hard not to find something in your area, so what will you do?  Where will go? How will you celebrate this movement?
Along with attending “Eco” events this weekend why not take part in a “Green Pledge”.  Make a promise to yourself to do what you can be more eco friendly, lower your carbon footprint
and help in bettering our planet.
Be it for a day, or for the rest of your life people everywhere are committing to do small or large things in their daily lives to make a change.  Let’s all jump on board!
Try things like:
-Using reusable take out container and grocery bags
-Choosing one day a week to keep your t.v and computer turned off
-Eat more raw foods that require less appliances to be used
-Bike ,walk or take a bus!
-Use clothe diapers
-Unplug any appliances that are not being used
-Pick up garbage
-Buy local organic produce
– etc. etc. etc.
With so many options it will be hard not to adopt at least one, and who knows once we get started we just may not want to stop!!!
Change is possible.
Let’s stand united, proud and powerful for a sustainable, happy, healthy future for one and all!
Hip Hip Hurray for Earth Day!

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