Looking for more energy?  Possibly better sleep and a better complexion?  Maybe less colds and flu’s?  How about potential weight loss and avoiding preventable disease?
Ahhhhhhh well don’t we all!!
These things and more can quite possibly be achievable, have you heard of the “alkaline diet”?
Basically this diet is all about healthy eating based on eating foods that metabolize to leave an alkaline ash residue of minerals.
The alkaline diet originated when it was noticed that underlying acidity ( found widely in the western diet) was commonly seen in people suffering from many auto immune and degenerative diseases.
The goal is to achieve a proper “PH” balance between acidity and alkalinity.  PH stands for Potential for Hydrogen and indicates whether a substance contains more acid or more alkaline molecules.
7 being neutral, below 7 being acidic and above 7 being alkaline.
It is optimum for ones blood to be slightly alkaline at about 7.4 on the PH scale.
When the body is too acidic it steals minerals from it’s own stores to attempt to”buffer”this acidity which then of course robs certain parts of the body of these such minerals.  Thus potentially leading to teeth and bone issues, amongst other things.
If we consume the proper food and monitor our PH levels ( which can be easily done at home with a set of alkaline testing strips often requiring only a persons saliva) we can achieve this balance on our own.
What should we include:
-Plenty of green leafy vegetables
-Healthy oils
-Lots of water
-Nuts/seeds( non roasted)
-Some fruits
-Getting adequate sunlight and sleep
-Stress reduction etc
What should we avoid:
-White flour
-Processed foods
-Coffee ( high amounts of caffeine)
-Stress etc.
When we maintain the appropriate alkalinity through our good food choices we can and will improve the health of our entire body, inside and out.
Simple decisions to be conscience of what and how we eat can help those looking to seek long, healthy and happy lives.  🙂

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