This Saturday, March 31 marks the 4th year that Toronto has been recognizing “Earth Hour”
Earth Hour is a great opportunity for all of us to take time out to make a difference, to show that we do in fact have the power to change the world!
For just 1 hour, 1 day a year we can take a stand and help bring awareness to climate change.  ( of course we shouldn’t just limit ourselves to this 1 hour, but it is most certainly a start)
Earth Hour was started in Australia in 2007 and in 2008 Toronto was the first city to join forces and soon after 35 more countries were following suit
in the realization that changes need to be made at a global level in regards to climate change and our planets future.
So what exactly is earth Hour??
It’s really quite simple, help to raise awareness about climate change by switching off your lights, electronics etc for one hour
on March 31st from 8:30-9:30 eastern time.
Some people take it a bit further and use the whole day as an “energy” saving day and pledge to keeps their lights off all day, eat raw foods that don’t require
the power of any appliances, play board games instead of watching t.v, and of course the list goes on.
It is also a great way to start teaching our children about caring for and valuing our planet.
Having outdoor scavenger hunts, making crafts, reading books with flash lights all while explaining the importance of respecting the planet.
What will you do?
This year lets all work together, raise awareness and take part in creating a better future for ourselves, our children and of course our beautiful planet.

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