Have you ever thought about sprouting your own beans and seeds from home?
It is easy, cost effective and extremely nutritious.
Sprouts are one of the most alkalizing foods known to man.
They are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
They do not require a lot of effort nor are they expensive by any means,
and of course they can be grown easily in your own kitchen in just a few days.
Sprouts are a living food that can be eaten on their own, inside healthy sandwiches, on top of salads
or even juiced into a great green drink along with any other fruits and vegetables you may be juicing.
They are very rich in enzymes which makes them easily digestible by the body, and of course, when the body
doesn’t have to work hard to digest our meals it can spend more time powering up other systems like
the immune etc. Therefore helping our entire system to achieve a more healthy balance.
With a variety of options and great tastes why not start spring off with your own little
“Sprout Garden”!!  It’s a great way to boost your nutrition and just that much better
because you can grow them yourself with love!!
Check out our website for all your sprouting needs, Happy Sprouting (and Happy Spring!!)

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