With St. Patricks day right around the corner ,oh and on a saturday this
year, how perfect is that!  We thought why not talk a bit about the famous
and fabulous colour green, as in “going green”.

How can we live lightly on our beautiful earth while taking the best care of
ourselves at the same time?  Oh and how can we best achieve this without
having to spend a fortune?  Of course this is all possible!!

There are many things that each person can do to reduce the toxic load in
their lives and really there is so much that we DO have control over.  Small
steps can and will make a difference.

Starting at home is a great place.  Many of us can open up the cupboards in
our kitchens, bathrooms etc and pull out cleaning products that actually
have “caution” or “poison” warnings on them.  
These products can make us sick as well cause great harm to environment, so
lets get them out of there!!  We have options and we can get our homes just
as clean without the need for harsh chemicals etc.

*Call your local recycling centre for info on where you can dispose of these
items( do not pour them down the drain)

So after carefully disposing of our “toxic” cleaners what then will we use
Well we have 2 choices, we can either purchase readily prepared natural
alternatives which can be found at most stores  and range from kitchen,
bathroom to laundry and well beyond.  Upaya Naturals can help supply with
many great options, our soap nuts are a great place to start, very
inexpensive and a great product.  We can also get creative and and make our

A great basic base can be as easy as white vinegar, lemon juice and baking
soda.  Now that doesn’t sound so hard does it:)

Another great way to reduce toxins in the home is to load up on house plants
( even one or two would do!) There are so many beautiful plants out there
that are helpful for absorbing and eliminating harmful chemicals.
For example: Spider plants and English Ivy are great for absorbing
formaldehyde, and of course they look great too!

Toxin reducing tip # 3 would be the suggestion to lean as much towards
natural fibres as possibles.  These are more breathable for the body.
Organic bedding is a great place to start.

Drink from glass bottles as opposed to plastic ( which can contain harmful

Choosing seasonally locally grown organic foods when possible is a great
choice, Eat Well, Feel Well!!

These are a few simple things we can do ourselves to promote a healthier
lifestyle for not only ourselves but for the future of our planet as well.
Just remember that small changes do matter and they do make a difference.

Before we go we must add one more of our favourite “green” tips.
This comes in the form of Spirulina, blue, green algae.  Its just to good
not to mention.
Spirulina gets its beautiful green colour from its high levels of chlorophyl
and has many amazing properties including but not limited to:
*High digestible protein content 65-71%
*High in iron
*Increases red blood cells
*High in antioxidants
*Natural SPF
*Natural energy booster

 So why not start your St. Paddy’s day, and everyday with a teaspoon of
spirulina mixed with water or juice and have a green drink that you can feel
good about all day long!!


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