Bongers! Yes, you heard right, BONGERS™ are the traditional massage tools of Japan. They’re good for breaking down muscle tension,  Soothing sore muscles, getting rid of headaches, and stimulating circulation to revitalize and “turn-on” the body.  Bongers™ have also been used to improve and lift moods, diminishing depression and anxiety while promoting a sense of well-being and positive energy.  Always be sure to bring a pair to a sick friend in the hospital, and when visiting parents, grandparents,  aged friends and relatives, and be sure to leave them as a loving gift of fond remembrance.

Most people store tension in their neck and shoulders, and that’s usually where BONGERS™ are most effective. However, they feel good all over (except the kidneys!).  Use Bongers™ to  give an invigorating, Shiatsu-like massage or a softer, comforting cupping or tapping massage. Remember to let the  flexible shafts do all the work, so that you can BONG indefinitely without tiring.

Here’s an instructional video on how to use them:

The Japanese call them Magono Te (“grandchild’s hands”). Imagine tiny little hands not strong enough to knead strong muscles, but able to “chop and cup” the large muscles of their elders.

In Japan, children traditionally have BONGED their elders when they’ve come home after a hard day in the rice fields. Bongers™ massage improves communication skills required for personal growth!

BONGERS™ can also act as a wonderful proprioception tool, while strengthening your arms and shoulders. You can hold the BONGERS™ straight up vertically and wobble the ball left to right while holding your arm rigid to exercise your shoulders. You can also wobble the ball toward you and away from you to exercise your triceps and arms. If you stare at the ball while wobbling the ball it helps train your brain to remember where your hand is in space; thus improving proprioception. This helps with hand-eye coordination and is extremely useful during recovery from stroke, Muscular Dystrophy, Dementia, or Parkinson’s.

Bongers™ are a fun, effortless, and easy way to massage your self or anyone, anytime  and anywhere without having to remove clothes.

We are proud to present our latest model of Bongers™. We have effectively solved the issues of our previous design thanks to the
suggestions of our customers. The improved features are as follows:
·      Eliminated metal collar
·      Slightly softer ball for massaging sore muscles with ease
·      Longer handle to reach more places
·      Ergonomic handle to reduce hand fatigue and improve grip
·      New shaft design that allows for more flexibility as well as durability
·      Adjustable strap to allow Bongers™ to be hung and worn
·      Multiple colors available: Blue, Purple and Rose. ROSE IS LIMITED EDITION  & in Classic Style Bongers (Blue Only)
·      Rose model has the words “love” imprinted on one ball and “healing” on the other

We have the new Design Bongers in: Rose, Blue, Purple.

How are these different than the Classic Style Bongers?
No Metal Collar Cuff- Slightly softer ball for massaging sore muscles with ease- Longer handle- shaft design that allows for more flexibility- Adjustable strap.

Have you ever used this technique? Did it work for you?

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