Usually during winter people use more root vegetables and if you canned during the spring you would enjoy a fresh summer peach or thaw a frozen vegetable. This is where dehydrators make an excellent addition towards food preservation.

Reasons to dehydrate food:

1. Save money! Don’t throw away/waste vegetables when you can dehydrate them for so many uses. Make your own soup stock in pre-measured containers.

2. Forget about candy, it’s easy to make  fruit leathers! With all the chemicals in the stuff that passes as fruit, you’re much better off saving your health and your money.

3. Extend the vegetables and fruits from your backyard garden. Drying the items you grow in your garden is economical and really lessens the amount of money spent on spices alone!

4. Make edible gifts! Nothing says I care like a personalized present. Make soup base mixes, dried flowers, trail mix etc. Imagine how nice it would be to receive a bag of edible goodies wrapped with a bow during the holidays.

5. Lower your medical costs by eating healthy. This way you are more likely to eat the food you have instead of spending money on tempting empty calorie items.

This way you know what is in your food, how it was made and all according to your tastes!

Here’s a link where you can find dehydrators at our online store:

Let us know what your favourite ways to dehydrate are; always interesting to learn new tips and tricks.


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