Part of living a healthy lifestyle is being concerned with your diet. Making your own dehydrated food is another way for you to know what is going into your body. There are so many recipes you can make, much more to dehydrating than just drying fruit!

Here’s a video on the basics of drying food that explains the difference between drying food in the oven vs a dehydrator as well as the principles behind a dehydrator.

After you master the basics, you can move onto making your own crackers, wraps, flat breads, tortillas, bread crumbs, nut cheese, SO many options! Eating well is possible on a raw diet, just like anything else, it takes some time and preparation.

We have a variety of dehydrators, guide book, and other items that can help you on your journey to health. We do recommend the Excalibur if you’re going to buy a dehydrator.

What is your favourite recipe? What’s the best raw dehydrated dish you’ve ever had?


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