In anticipation of Steve Sproutman Meyerowitz coming to Toronto (Nov. 25), we though to show you a video of a small part of Steve’s love of growing healthy greens. In the clip below Steve is talking about how to grow Wheatgrass using his stackable trays and he mentions his book: Wheatgrass: Nature’s Finest Medicine.

It’s incredible just how easy it is to grow greens hydroponically and without the mess of mold. The best part is when he mentions stack the trays to the sky, he certainly has a good senes of humour. Sprouting, growing and cultivating herbs is a great way to save your money and feed your body healthy foods. There are so many herbs/sprouts that offer not only great taste, but beneficial properties it’s impossible to capture all in one blog post. We invite you to read up on the subject, see what suits your needs and what would fit appropriately in your life. Are you the next Sproutman/woman? Have you had adventures in sprouting/growing? We’d love to hear about it below.


One thought on “How to grow Wheatgrass

  1. I have been growing wheatgrass for past few years and ya its so easy and seeing your wheatgrass grow give you immense pleasure. In cities where space is a problem growing wheatgrass in stack is a good solution.
    I have put my all the experiences in Addy Wheatgrass, a website which came into existence due to my love for wheatgrass.

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