Ever wonder how to use an Excalibur dehydrator to make raw food? Sometimes it can be confusing – how DO you use a dehydrator?

We found a video that does just that. Here’s a video on how to make dehydrated strawberries.  Such a lovely idea for when winter is in full effect and you have carefully made dried strawberries to enjoy during the off season.

The products used in this recipe video:
– Non-stick sheets 

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2 thoughts on “Excalibur Dehydrators & Strawberries

  1. I really enjoyed this dehydtator article and your blog. The article on the dog is very thought provoking and it is time to become used to alternate ways of eating, they are just habits after all. Can you imagine eating to energize our mind and bodies and
    allowing the wonderful results to be our “pleasure”? Walking past instant gratification we walk into authentic happiness!

    A wonderful book to implement change written by Linda Joy Rose, PH.D., is called
    Your Mind: The Owner’s Manual. Many will be suprised to find our patterns, especially around food, were programmed into us as children. We repeat the same
    choices over and over as they are now part of our sub-conscious patterns
    which cannot change unless we bring them to a fully conscious level.

    Learning to walk past the emotional teachings which were handed to me from someone else is very freeing on every level. I do not have to be ‘right’ about it, I just use the tool-box provided in this book to support myself instead of following the crowd.

    As I follow the processes in this book, I find I was programmed for failure on many levels before I was old enough to protect myself from the ideas projected into me from others, especially adults. Thanks for the opportunity to share!

    1. Hello Susan! Thank you for the comment. We do appreciate your thoughts on alternative eating and it’s always great to see someone who has become in tune with what goes into their diet. We look forward to your future comments.

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