As winter approaches, it’s best to go over your house to make sure you’re conserving heat and saving your money. Here are a few simple tips to do both!


1. Avoid applying rock salt or calcium chloride to your roof to melt ice and snow. Use of either can damage shingles, and possibly void the shingle manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Check windows and doors. If you can afford it, replace windows with new energy-efficient models that are available. If that’s not in your budget try less-expensive options like window-insulation kits.

3. Try replacing the weather stripping around the doors in your home.

4. Use a programmable thermostat to reduce heating costs when no one is at home.

5. Trim tree branches so heavy snow doesn’t cause them to fall on your house or car.


To avoid a costly bill, dress warmly and keep the heat down, a nice cup of tea warms the body gently and provides natural enjoyment. Simple common sense things you can do around the house will really reflect on your energy bill. Plan ahead and have a pantry supply stocked for those nights you don’t want to go to the store. As we all know winters can be hard, but if you’re prepared it’s nothing you can’t handle.


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